This class is designed for HVAC Customer Service Representatives, HVAC Dispatchers and HVAC Lead Coordinators. Once you are successful at getting the phone to ring, how you handle the next critical steps are essential to winning or losing the caller’s business.


The interactive exercises throughout this course are designed to:


  • Learn procedures and communication skills needed to capture every customer at original contact.
  • Educate your clients on the front side so that they are more prepared when your field personnel arrives to invest in your company.
  • Successfully promote and sell maintenance agreements over the phone.
  • Transform frustrated clients into your biggest advocates.

“The customer experience is the next competitive battleground.” ~ Jerry Gregoire CEO Dell Computers

One day course designed for HVAC CSRs and Lead Coordinators. You are the quarterback of the team… Without you, nothing else happens. Maximize every opportunity to take your company to new levels!
1 Day From 8:00am – 4:30pm




This two day class for HVAC Service Technicians will guide you to become a true professional in the HVAC industry. Increase Maintenance Agreement sales, IAQ & accessory sales, and generate leads that sell!
Attendees will learn a complete interactive service call process that demands your customers’ trust and bullet proofs your data base.


The interactive exercises throughout this course are designed to:


  • Educate you how to capture your customer’s attention and engage them
  • Utilize proven educational processes that lead to increased average tickets, maintenance agreement sales and add-on/accessory sales.
  • Make your customers aware of replacement benefits without selling them anything
  • Delivering logical options that make sense for your customer and earn their approval
  • Equipment benefits that drive sales and/or lead generation

“Customer satisfaction is useless, Customer loyalty is priceless!” ~Jeffrey Gitomer
2 Days From 8:00am – 4:30pm




An advanced three day course intended for HVAC retail sales people. Learn a proven, successful, ethical sales process to help other people get what they want. Master the art of closing sales and winning referrals.
Attendees will learn a proven, successful, ethical sales process from start to finish that is designed to help your customers get what they want.


The interactive exercises throughout this course are designed to:


  • Provide each person with influential techniques to educate your customer(s) on what they have now, what you will be doing differently and how this benefits them.
  • Powerful system and accessory package presentation that eliminate your competition.
  • Asking for the business on every call.
  • Making it easy for your customers to do business with you.
  • Earn powerful testimonials and referrals.

“If you care a little bit, you’ll get decent results. If you care enough, you receive tremendous results!”
~Jim Rohn

3 Days From 8:00am – 4:30pm


One day class intended for anyone looking to understand why people buy. Learn the psychology of the modern consumer. Winning sales and preventing buyer’s remorse.




The entire team at Success4Others doesn’t just teach classes… Let us ride with your HVAC Service Technicians and HVAC Sales People to close sales for you… And you keep the profits!


A series of one day events hosted in a local market for HVAC owners and HVAC service technicians to attend. Attendees will walk away with the skills needed to produce over $1 million in revenue per year.


Recharge your HVAC team with a 2 Day multi-faceted team building experience facilitated by Success4Others. Break down internal barriers and boost morale while empowering your staff to take your company to the next level!



    • On-Site Training Visits (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
    • Ride-Alongs with Technicians & Sales People
    • Monthly Tracking/Accountability Reports & Conference Calls
    • Unlimited Phone Coaching & Support
    • Bi-Weekly Email/Phone Goal Review
    • All Class & Support Materials Provided