Eric Andrews is a business consultant; HVAC specialist; and cofounder of Success4Others, an HVAC training resource for all business development, consulting, and training needs.



It is no secret the HVACR industry is an older crowd. This is fairly evident when you attend any industry meeting. Of course, that is not all bad. The older generation has a lot to offer the industry in regards to knowledge, work ethic, and other similar skills.


However, as with any organization or industry, young talent needs to be coming through the ranks in order to secure a positive future. Sometimes it is easy to forget that the HVACR industry has a wealth of young talent, as well. Each year The NEWS attempts to remind our audience.


From the young contractor running his first business to the vice president at a distributor, HVAC has a lot of young talent on all levels of the industry. The NEWS wanted to highlight these individuals with a list of 40 HVAC professionals under 40 years of age who are accomplishing great things in their respective positions. This is the second year we have asked our readers to nominate the best of the best and, indeed, they did. We received 140 entries, and picking the top 40 was incredibly difficult. Each and every nominee brings great skill and talent to the industry.


The individuals chosen represent every aspect of the industry, including the manufacturing, distribution, instructional, and contracting sectors. There are those who grew up in the industry and those who entered it in the most interesting of circumstances.


“I realize I am partial, but I think this is a great list. It really highlights some of the best and the brightest coming up in the HVAC industry,” said Kyle Gargaro, editor-in-chief, The NEWS. “We feel that it is important to recognize these individuals. Sometimes we forget just how much young talent this industry has.”


Below, there are brief write-ups on each individual who made the list. And, while the stories of how they reached the HVAC industry vary greatly, the common denominator is that they love the field and their careers. The members of this list all work hard, think about the big picture, and have the ability to challenge the way things have always been done. After looking at this list, you should feel better about the future of the HVAC industry.


While certainly hundreds could have been highlighted, we needed to choose 40. Scroll down to see who made this year’s list and get to know the individuals who are already leading the trade into the future.


Eric Andrews is a business consultant; HVAC specialist; and cofounder of Success4Others, an HVAC training resource for all business development, consulting, and training needs.


Andrews’ HVAC career began while he attended college. While he only intended on working temporarily as a part-time sales associate with a local HVAC company, his impressive ability to secure sales earned him a great deal of recognition from industry professionals. He then began teaching newly hired associates, gaining him not only recognition as a top-performing HVAC salesperson, but also as an effective trainer. He was instrumental in catapulting the company’s retrofit sales from $1 million to more than $10 million over his five years with the company.

In 2008, Andrews moved to Dallas and began training owners, managers, technicians, customer service representatives (CSRs), and retail sales professionals with Lennox Intl. Inc.and Carrier Corp. to help them meet their personal sales and growth goals. After several successful years of consulting and coaching for various firms, Andrews’ career took another turn as he cofounded his own HVAC business training and consultation company, Success4Others.