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HVAC Performance – Titles are Meaningless

Success4others Titles are Meaningless blog as written to help HVAC Service Technicians, HVAC Sales & HVAC Customer Service Representatives elevate their daily HVAC performance and achieve a higher quality of life.

Sales people are always looking for the right title to be printed on their business card or to be used during their introduction. Comfort Consultant is the most commonly overused example however Comfort Adviser, Comfort Engineer and HVAC Professional are equally pointless. The logic that most people buy into is that the word “salesman or saleswomen” is threatening or even carries a negative image. Face it, regardless of what your business card states we are all sales people.

Whether you’re compensated on straight commission, salaried, working for an hourly wage or not yet employed guess what…..Your Selling Something! Your ability to educate others on the benefits of your thoughts, your ideas, your products and your services is what will ultimately determine your level of happiness and success. Everyone is a sales person. As a matter of fact, your life is your commission check! The more people you are able to get to say “yes” to you, the more successful you are. This is true for all aspects of your life, not just your profession

The real question is “Are you a professional?” In order to honestly answer this we must define what a professional is. Look at the journey a professional athlete has taken in order to earn his or her title. As a child they took up a sport and began to practice drills and study the workings of their game. Through high school they continued to practice, study film and then put their talents to the test against other athletes.

Their expertise established attention from college scouts and they are invited to perform at an elite level. For four more years they give everything they have in intense practices, studies and game time performances in hopes that they could join the best of the best and earn the prestigious title of “Professional Athlete.” This is the pinnacle! This is where the top performers, highest respected and the highest compensated reside. To earn the title of “professional” is a badge honor. The only way this can be accomplished is through rigorous study, practice and performance which will ALWAYS lead to superior results.

Most sales people feel attending training, reading books, scripting their presentation and putting in hours and hours of practice is not required of them. After all they have been selling for the last 5, 10 or 20 years. To those individuals it would be better to leave the title blank on their next set of business cards, than it would be to misrepresent the profession as a whole.

If you’re not learning, you’re not growing and the alternative to growing is not very attractive. It is said that most people die at the age of 22, they just aren’t buried until they reach the age of 75 or so.

Invest in yourself and let that represent who you are and what you will become. If you do, nobody will ever notice what title was printed on your business card anyways or how you introduced yourself when you first met.

“Professional” is a verb, not a noun.

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