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HVAC Sales – It’s In Your Head Way before It Is Ever In Your Wallet

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Most sales professionals and service technicians are all looking for more. More trust, more referrals, more sales and more income. Almost everyone has a desire to achieve more; they are just not sure how to go about getting more. What is the secret, what is the best close, what is the “silver bullet” for achieving a higher level of success?

In many cases when I first meet with people they believe that what they are doing currently is rock solid. Any changes required to improve their results would need to come from others around them. Their company needs to do more, or the caliber of customers they are seeing is what is ultimately holding them back. In reality it is our own belief system that holds so many of us back from reaching our next level of success.

We get more of what we focus on. What we think about regularly is what defines where we are in our own journey. I know you have heard this all before, so I will jump right to the “silver bullet” that everyone seems to be in search of.

You! Taking responsibility for your results, taking full ownership of where we are in life is crucial in achieving the next level. Stop looking out the window, and start looking in the mirror. It’s not about placing blame or identifying fault….it’s about taking ownership. For every action there is a reaction.

If someone is not returning your call, then your message wasn’t inspiring enough for them to do so. If a customer has decided to award the project to someone else, it’s not that they are cheap. It’s a result of them not being informed enough to justify your offer. Thorough education, solid proof of your claims and ultimately confidence in you, your company and your solutions to their challenge(s) was not established.

Let’s focus on the latter today. Confidence in you, your company and your solutions is the “silver bullet”, if there is such a thing (which there isn’t).

Do you have an unwavering belief that if your customer chooses to do business with anyone other than you and your company, they will be worse off? You must know this to be true. If they go to the “other guy” they LOSE! You should feel down right horrible when one of your potential customers doesn’t move forward with you and your recommendations. Not because you lost but rather because they have lost.

The only way this heartfelt, gut-felt reaction happens is when you know and understand your value proposition versus your competitors. The passion and belief in you and your company is the “glue” that makes your presentation stick and ultimately gains more sales, that’s assuming your presentation is worth remembering in the first place.

The sale is in your head well before it is ever in your wallet!

Here are some questions for you to think about that will help ensure you’re “programmed” for success.

-Why do I believe in my company? This is your story. Why do you choose to work at your company versus somewhere else? What makes your company better than all the other options?

-Why do I believe in my products & services? This is not about focusing on a manufacture, rather, focusing on the importance of your trained staff and how they install or service your products. Achieving the longest life possible, experiencing the fewest breakdowns, ensuring your customers of never over paying the utility company again, increasing comfort, reducing dust levels and improving the overall health & safety of your clients home are never a guarantee, regardless of the brand or manufacture. It is the result of a properly trained staff, precise execution and master craftsmanship.

-Why do I believe in myself? What is the “you” factor? What do you bring to the table? If you’re just interested in the commission check associated with the sale, this will be a tough question to answer.

-Why do I believe my customers are better off with us? Put it all together and define all the ways your customers will get screwed if they decide not to go with you and your recommendations.

The answers to all these questions can be found very easily if you look to your existing customers. Call them up! Ask your past customers why they believed in you, your company, your products AND why did they choose to invest in you?

If you take a little time and actually do this you’ll accomplish two things!

1.)    Your customers will know that you actually care about them and the services they received. This will help create loyalty, which is so important in todays marketplace.

2.)    You’ll begin to believe more in yourself, your company and your solutions!

The more you believe in yourself, the more your customers will believe in you and the more you will ultimately sell! Your level of confidence can be “felt” by others. People want to do business with those they have the most confidence in and believe their solutions will have a positive impact on their situation.

Zig defines confidence better than anyone: “Going after Moby Dick in a row boat and bringing the tartar sauce with you!” That’s confidence, that’s belief!

You have to actually CARE about others, which is an entirely separate blog.

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