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HVAC Sales Training – Top 5 Characteristics of a Champion

Success4others 5 Characteristics of a Champion  HVAC Sales Training blog to help Service Technicians, Sales & Customer Service Representatives elevate their daily performance and achieve a higher quality of life.

Isn’t it amazing how two children from the same parents that have experienced the same upbringing and are given the same opportunities, perform completely different? Being the father of two beautiful boys, my wife and I find ourselves exploring this topic frequently.

In business, it is equally as obvious. Some employees perform at the statuesque, while others just seem to operate on a completely different level. How is this so? Both are given the same amount of opportunity, although the average performer tends to argue this point. Both are given the same amount of time in any given day or week and both have the same products and service offerings. They are also exposed to similar HVAC Sales Training programs.

In order for me to better understand how this works, I have interviewed hundreds of sales as well as in-home service professionals over the last 2 years. What I have discovered is this: The top producers always “know” exactly what they are doing and therefore they are always focused on those key areas, while the average to poor producers are less than “sure” of how they succeed.

Here are the most common 5 characteristics of the Top Producers, regardless of industry or duties.

1.) They are highly focused to ensure they maintain a positive mental attitude daily. They understand that stress, fear and worry are a choice. They choose to wake up every day and get after it. They know that their attitude will be infectious to others. As a result they tend to be a joy to be around at work, at home and anywhere else they go. Their perspective of situations and how they internalize information is just different. When I do ride along training over the summer, this is painfully obvious. Champions talk about life and all the joys. How wonderful their family is, how great this year is going to be and how much they enjoy what they are doing. Meanwhile, we have all heard how the average employee typically interacts with others. They are always talking about the lack of weather, the subpar performance of the economy or housing market, and the quality of their leads/opportunities compared to others. Their perspective is not nearly as positive as the champions and they tend to look for reasons why they aren’t performing, rather than focusing on the ways they CAN perform (regardless of the circumstances).

2.) Champions have an amazing belief system. They believe in the people around them, they believe in their company and most importantly they believe in themselves. They wholeheartedly believe that if a customer or client rejects their proposal, their recommendations or their offer that the customer is actually the one who loses, not them! They feel bad, and because of this they are able to communicate with their prospects on a different level than most. They ask more powerful questions than others and get to the root of any and all objections as a result.

3.) They are goal driven and goal achiever people. They do not leave their results to chance. Just like a flight plan prior to leaving the ground on any trip. They know where they are, where they want to be and whenever possible, how they are going to get there. It is important to note here that a lot of your top producers do not always know how they are going to achieve their goals; they simply have no doubt that they will. The larger the goal, the more this is the case.

4.) The highest earners are also the biggest students. They are committed to learning and growing consistently. They seek out others opinions, advise and council while having a the unique ability to understand all parties perspectives. Learning from others who have been where you are and have arrived at the places you desire saves a lot of time. Champions are never too smart, they learn whenever they can.

5.) If there were one thing that separates the best of the best from the average is that they truly care about everyone they interact with. They genially understand that their prospects, clients, coworkers and anyone else they have interactions with, are better off because of what they bring to the table, their ability to help others achieve their wants, desires and goals. This is what motivates them and continually pushes them to reach the next level. Put others before yourself if you desire a higher degree of success.

Whether you’re just starting out, have been working for a while or even if you’re winding things down, by focusing on these 5 indicators you are guaranteed to increase your level of happiness, success and yes, your bank account.

Ultimately the choice and responsibility is yours and yours alone. You can choose to follow a path that has been proven again or again, or you can choose to discount this information and continue to focus and execute at the same level you have been.

There is no “wrong” decision. Just don’t dismiss this information and then complain about your situation, your opportunities, your relationships or your bank account.

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