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HVAC Training – 5 Steps to Help You Get Yours published to help HVAC Service Technicians, Sales & Customer Service Representatives

Success4others 5 Steps to Help You Get Yours HVAC Training blog was published to help HVAC Service Technicians, Sales & Customer Service Representatives elevate their daily performance and achieve a higher quality of life.

I have never met a HVAC Service or Sales person who doesn’t want to be successful or who doesn’t want to achieve more. Let’s face it, nobody aspires to be broke, sick, out of shape, alone or homeless. It is also true that each of us defines “success” differently. Some people base success on money, others on happiness or health and others base their success on the positive impact they are having on other people’s lives.

The reality is, the only reason why anyone of us is not exactly where we want to be is our self. Our achievements, accomplishments and success are and will always be our personal responsibility and we never need to look any further than our bathroom mirror if we’re not stoked about where we are in life.

For years I thought my success was controlled, or at least determined to some degree by other people in my life; my boss, my spouse, my children, my friends and even my parents. If they were happy with my efforts or results, than I would somehow be granted the right of passage to the next level in my journey towards success. This might be by promotion, by positive acknowledgement or even just acceptance.

The moment you start to focus on looking in the mirror and not out the window, you will be ready to achieve more. Taking full, personal responsibility is the first step in achieving better results. In this life there are only two choices. You can work your entire life to achieve your dream and goals or you will work your entire life to help someone else achieve their dreams and goals. It really is this simple.

So how do you ensure you’re efforts and HVAC Service & Sales Training are going to take you where you wish to go?

1.)    Take Responsibility for everything. Nothing happens or doesn’t happen in your life that wasn’t predetermined by the decisions you previously made or actions you previously took. The time of year didn’t stop the phone from ringing or for business to dry up; your lack of efforts to fill your pipeline and work your contacts is what caused your phone to stop ringing.


2.)    Focused Action that supports your goals! For every action there is an equal or greater reaction. If you decide to go home at night and watch television, (regardless of which show since they are all garbage and will have no impact on you achieving your goals). Rather than going home and investing time in yourself by writing down goals, researching materials that will help you perform better, engaging in quality activities or conversations with your spouse or family that supports your goals, then don’t complain when you’re not sure why you aren’t achieving more. Don’t feel sorry for yourself when your relationship with your spouse, children or family isn’t everything you dreamed. If you’re not investing in yourself then don’t expect any returns on your investment.


3.)    Set Goals and Revisit them Regularly. It’s amazing how every person knows about goal setting, yet so few actually do it. The one thing that every tremendously successful person agrees on is that goal setting is the foundation to their focus and therefore their results. You wouldn’t take off on a family road trip across the country without consulting a map or GPS system would you? Why not? Because you run the risk of ending up somewhere other than you first set out for. Your Goals are your GPS or road map which is required to ensure you reach you destination.


4.)    Learn More to Earn More! You are no longer a teenager so you have finally realized that you actually don’t know it all. The day you stop learning & growing is the day you die. No matter what information or answers you seek, someone has already been there and done that. Why not invest a couple of bucks and an hour a day of your time to learn how they overcame the same challenges that you are facing and what their life looks like now that they have conquered those challenges.


5.)    Dominate don’t Compete! Treat life and success as a competition. Measure yourself against your goals, against other people and against anything or person you can, then dominate the game. Your personal mission and purpose should not be to do what others are doing or to settle for similar results as others. Your focus should always be to do more than anyone else, to achieve more than anyone has and to set the bar so high that others think you’re insane.


If you’re looking to live a life of abundance than you can’t do what the masses do. Average efforts lead to average results and there just isn’t anything awesome about being average. Your efforts or lack thereof will always determine your results. Nothing less, nothing more. Make sure your actions are in line with domination!

It may also be helpful to ask a couple of people you respect to help hold you accountable and on track. If you would like more information on creating a master-mind group, feel free to contact us to discuss further.

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