HVAC Training – 5 Reasons Why People DO NOT Buy From You



In a previous edition of Success4You News HVAC Training we covered the 5 reason why people invest in HVAC products and/or services. When we understand what motivates people our ability to help serve our customers increase dramatically. It allows us to identify their interests so that we may build our presentation and offerings around what is most important to them. On the flip side we also need to understand why it is that people do not buy, why they hold off on pulling the trigger and moving forward with our recommendations.

This way we can take a more proactive approach with our customers and speak to these points in advance (throughout our visit) which minimize these stalls and in many cases eliminates the objections all together. Foreseeing potential objections and handling them during our presentation is always the best approach.


So here are the 5 Reasons Why People Don’t Buy:


1.) No Need: They don’t have to do anything right. Their system is running fine and you are simply presenting them with options that will enhance their current system in some way. We need to understand and recognize the fact that very few people, if anyone, ever buys only what they need. Face it, each and every one of us buys stuff all the time that we don’t really need. If we want something we buy it. We live in a society that buys unnecessary items so much so that we are willing to go into debt to have it. Our job is to educate customers on what they have now, explain to them the consequences or risks associated with doing nothing and then outlining the benefits of investing in the upgrades or modifications. When the benefits of these changes outweigh the consequences or doing nothing, people are more motivated to approve the recommendations not because they need to, but because they want to. Your job is to create the desire, the want.

2.) No Hurry: Many times a customer does actually need what we are recommending, they could also want whatever it is we are educating them on, there just isn’t any real urgency. They just don’t have to do anything right now. This reason is actually one that we hear quite often. This falls directly on each one of our shoulders. I’m sure you have heard this before but it is your job to create urgency. Now, some people think creating urgency with a sleazy line like: “Tell me John, what can we need to do to earn your business today?” Or another one of my favorites: “Mary, if you authorize these changes today while I am here we can save you an additional “X” amount of money.” This does not create urgency, it simply confirms all of the customers concerns that they are being “sold”. Cheesy tactics like these are one of the reasons why customers are skeptical of contractors to begin with….Don’t be this company! Do an outstanding job, invest the time to properly educate your customer on the consequences of doing nothing versus the benefits of making the change and more times than not, they will approve the work.

3.) No Money: This is a “default” or “go to” response for many customers. After all, if they tell you they don’t have the money, you can’t possibly sell them anything, right? I guess that would be true in some cases but let’s really look at the world in which we all live. We live in a society where people just do not live within their means. They buy things every single day on credit. Whether that is on a credit card, utilizing no interest financing, or taking out a new line of credit, people very seldom wait until they can afford things to own them. Financing should be a huge percentage of your business; the reality is many contractors are just not utilizing it like they should. If you are having trouble with your existing finance company or are looking for another resource, let me know and I would be happy to provide you with a great contact that many companies across the country are having success with in both service and replacement situations.

4.) No Want: They don’t have to have it, they don’t need it, and they just don’t have any desire to make the change. This may hurt but the reality is that we created this. The only reason why they don’t have the want or the desire is because we haven’t done our job. We just went through the motions. If you have the courage and strength to look in the mirror here and not out the window, you will see that the only reason why the customer doesn’t want something that you are recommended is because you didn’t do anything to really educate them on the consequence versus benefits OR because your offering something that has no value to the customer which means you never really engaged with them to identify their goals or your never listened to what they were actually saying so your just throwing out some options and hoping something sticks.

5.) No Trust: If your customers don’t like you or they don’t trust you, there is absolutely nothing you can do that will get them to invest in you, it’s over, and you’re done. Treat each customer the way you would want to be treated from the minute they call into your office. Dress for success, present yourself and your company professionally. Respect every customer, their home, their family and the fact that they have invited you and your company into their home. Sometimes our perspectives get screwed up and we can actually do or say things that make our customers feel like it is a privilege for them to be doing business with us, when in reality the privilege is all ours. Smile, be polite thank every person for providing you with the opportunity to serve them and you will never have to worry about this.

Do what you said you would do, when you said you would do it, exactly how you said it would be done…every single time!

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