HVAC Sales -Ask for the Business



The number one mistake most HVAC sales people make is that they simply never ask the customer for their business. They never ask for the order directly. I’ve heard so many HVAC sales people get done with their entire presentation and then actually give the customer the option to “think about it” or to “give them a call if they have any questions”. It sounds crazy I know, but this is reality.

We have all left an appointment “feeling” so confident that we got the order based on the customer’s display of emotion or excitement, only to never hear from the person again. As HVAC sales professional’s it is our number one responsibility to ask (directly) for the sale every single time. Now, I will pause for a second here and just add a side note that you have better have earned the right to ask for the sale, otherwise your just a pushy salesman or saleswomen.

When I say “earn the right” I am referring to doing the work to not only tell the customer all the reasons why you’re the best, but also taking the time to show every customer that you truly care about them. If you’re not going to invest the time required to properly educate your customers on you, on your company, and on your custom solutions, then you will never be successful at demonstrating how you are the expert and why they should invest their hard earned dollars in you, rather than someone else who probably has a lower price.

When you spend the time (typically 90 minutes or more) with a customer and have done your job thoroughly, then you owe it to yourself, your company and your family to ask for the order! This should be done straight up and directly. Don’t tip-toe around the customer, don’t allow yourself to justify why you shouldn’t ask, you’ve earned the right. For anyone HVAC Sales person who desires to be a champion, you should probably back up and read that first sentence again. It is your duty, your right and your obligation to ask for the order 100 percent of the time.

If you fail to ask for the sale you are letting down your family, your employer, yourself AND YOUR CUSTOMER! 

If you’re not sure how to ask, or are looking for an easy way to breach the subject. Use an alternative of choice question. This is simply a question that gives at least two options to the customer, yet DOES NOT allow a “yes” or “no” response.
Example: “I was talking with the installation manager on my way over here today and we have availability next Tuesday or Thursday, which of these days works better for your schedule to have the new system installed?”

If they pick a day, it’s done. If they don’t pick a day, they will offer you up some sort of reasoning as to why they aren’t able to pick a day for installation. This is when “sales” really starts. Listen to what they say carefully and then ask more questions to clarify exactly where you are, what needs to happen next, and when those action steps will be taken?

When HVAC Sales people hear a common objection like: “We need to think about it”. Many are too quick to accept this as a legitimate reason to hold off on making the decision when in reality, this objection tells us nothing. What is it that the customer needs to think about specifically? Don’t assume you know the answer here. Once you know exactly what part of the decision is holding the customer back, address it and ask for the order again.

Clarify where you are with the customer and even if you can’t get them to authorize the paperwork today, you better have discussed and agreed upon a clear “next step” that positions you in control, not them.

When HVAC Sales professionals ask for the sale and are not afraid to address the customers concerns head on, they will engage in deeper communications, develop more trust and earn more business.

This week’s focus is really simple. Whether you’re discussing a product or service, commit to putting in 100% of your attention to your customer and earning the right to ask for the order at the end of every appointment. Those that don’t ask, leave way too much to chance and never achieve their full potential. Those that never ask, never get!

If you have any questions related to any of this information or need some additional clarification, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!