HVAC Service and Sales Training – Client History

This week’s HVAC Service and Sales Training video is all about leveraging your client history to better position yourself as the “expert” and earning more business, which in reality is the only way you can really help your customers out. Think about it. If your client declines your recommendations or chooses not move forward with you, your company, or your solutions, then you aren’t helping them improve their environment, their quality of life and at the end of the day are doing them a disservice.


All things being equal people want to do business with an expert. That’s why we get referred to “specialists” when we want the highest results possible whether it is in our personal lives, our professional live, with our finances, or anything else we hold in a high regard.


If you look up the definition for “expert” there are two translations. The first is a noun, meaning “a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.” The second definition is an adjective, “having or involving authoritative knowledge.”


Just because you’ve been “in the business” for X amount of years does not guarantee you will be viewed as an expert, in your customer’s eyes. They have to first feel that you care about them and that you possess an “authoritative knowledge” related to them, their home, and their mechanical system(s).


Being aware of how many years this customer has done business with you, if they perform consistent maintenance on their equipment, knowing what their breakdown and investment history are, this is all information that an expert will take into consideration and discuss throughout the visit and use to formulate their recommendations moving forward.


In a previous HVAC Service and Sales Training video we spoke about the “5 Pains of Your Customer.” These pains are why your customers actually invest in you and your company. If you don’t understand them, your performance and your customer’s loyalty will suffer.


There are only two reasons why people invest in what it is we do.


  • Out of Necessity. They have to, it’s broken.
  • To avoid pain. If the pain or consequence does NOT outweigh the investment, then the customer will not part with their money.


When you take a few extra minutes and get a clear understanding of your customer’s history and can become sensitized to their past experiences related to their HVAC systems history. The more you will be able to empathize with your customers and understand their circumstances, the more effective you can be at helping them improve upon their current situation.


When we simply make recommendations based on our technical finding we are missing the most important part of the equation….the customer! When customers say things like, “every time you guys come out here you’re always trying to sell me something.” This is a clear indication that you are NOT doing everything you can be doing to understand their position and that you are making recommendations blindly. It’s like shooting darts at a dartboard with a blindfold on. Sure you’ll hit the mark every now and then, but you will never be as effective as when you take the blindfold off and really focus on the target.


As part of your HVAC Service and Sales Training this week I want you to focus on the following things.


*Watch this video and reread this article at least once a day to stay focused.


*Take 5 minutes before you step foot on a customer’s property to review their history associated with their mechanical system.


*Get a clear, personal understanding of the situation each of your customer’s are in. Put yourself in their shoes.


*Discuss their history with them and ask questions that will get them to remember one or two specific service call experiences. Get them emotionally involved. RELIVE THE PAIN!


*Offer recommendations based on your customer’s past experiences and pains.


When you focus on these thing sand become really good at them, your success rates will go up. The only way your customers can really benefit from doing business with you is when they allow you to make alterations, modifications and additions to their existing HVAC system that have a positive impact on their quality of life.


Otherwise you’re just trying to sell them stuff and that never creates the customer loyalty, referrals and testimonials we both know you are so deserved!


If you have any questions related to any of this information or if your team could benefit from our HVAC Service and Sales Training programs, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!


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Thanks for tuning in!