Most HVAC sales people start off with presenting their “entry” level equipment to their potential customers and then build upon that foundation and walk the client all the way up to their “premier” system options. This system has been around for years and years and has proven itself to be completely INEFFECTIVE! 


First, understand that I am not being paid by Lennox to create this video; I was simply a Lennox Dealer and happen to have a bunch of friends who are also Lennox Dealers having tremendous success with this approach. I didn’t make this video to “push” Lennox’s high-end equipment either, I made this video to simply help you perform HVAC sales at a higher level, provide your customers with better information, and ultimately improve the HVAC community.


Working with HVAC sales and service teams all across the country, many of whom are selling 2 to 3 million per year in HVAC Residential Replacement Sales, I wanted to share the approach we have been taking when it comes to equipment recommendations. The results speak for themselves, yet many people watching this video will probably find a reason (or ten) to disagree with this message. Bottom line, do what you want with the information, I just thought it might be able to help some of you in some way.

Let’s jump in!!


The principle here is to start with your top tier system (XC/XP 25) and then work your way down to the XC/XP 14. Yes, some people do shop only price and you may need to go lower but that is the MINORITY of customers, not the MAJORITY. Stay with me here.

Remember, ANY Dave Lennox Signature (DLS) Series Product HAS TO LEAD the industry in at least one technology in order to earn the DLS Tag. Typically they will be the most efficient AND quietest units in their respected class. Yeah I know that’s pretty awesome!

The first thing we want to do is list all the main FEATURES of the XC/XP25 on a piece of paper like this:


  • Modulating Compress
  • Silent Technologies built in
  • iComfort Enabled
  • Solar Ready
  • Cabinet Design
  • Warranty


Once you have the features listed for this unit it is time to convert each to a “sexy” or “cool” benefit. It is very important that when you start to create your benefits message that you don’t use ANY industry language. Almost every single person I work with will use a lot of words and descriptions that a common homeowner WILL NOT understand but never stop you for clarification. Everything you talk about has to be described as entry level as possible so that homeowners completely understand all the benefits offered and exactly how these benefits relate to them. As a matter of fact, their 6 year old child should be able to follow right along with you.

So let’s look at Feature #1 and break it down into sexy/cool benefits:

Modulating Compressor


            -Has 65 or 66 Stages of cooling

            -Provides the ultimate in comfort…the most precise temperature control form room to room

            -Dehumidifies 3 to 4 times more effectively than any other unit

            -Worlds Most efficient system

We have just identified the benefits of the modulating compressor. Notice how efficiency is last on the list of benefits. This is by design! People do not and will not invest tens of thousands of dollars on a new HVAC system because it is going to pay them back or based on energy saving alone, just as people don’t drive full size pickup trucks because they get the best gas mileage. Yes, energy saving are important, but most of the HVAC community promotes energy savings as the number one reason why people should invest in a new system, and that is simply NOT TRUE!


Now break down these benefits into points or mini-stories to create your XC/XP25 presentation. Once done with the 25 you will move down to the 21, then to the 18, and lastly the 14. In each transition you will utilize “TAKE AWAYS” or “what the customer will give up” as they move down the product line.

Think about the last time you went shopping for a vehicle. The new model sitting on the showroom floor is NEVER the cheapest model or even the model that most of their customers come into purchase. Why do they showcase the highest end model when they know this is not their most popular seller? To get you and me emotionally connected! Once we see and experience all the features the top end model has to offer, we simply don’t want to give all those features up and therefore we rarely, if ever settle for the base model. It’s the same thing here.

Here is a sample script of what this could look like. I challenge you to get a full understanding of everything being said here and edit this to fit you and your HVAC sales style. Once you have it the way you like it (without eliminating any key points), you will need to practice it again and again. It will take hundreds, if not thousands of times to actually own your new HVAC sales equipment presentation so I suggest you get after it.




The first unit I want to talk about is the XC25. It’s one of the most quiet, precise and energy efficient systems you can buy.  Part of what makes it so, is that it utilizes a fully modulating or variable capacity compressor.  What that means is, when we did the load calculation, we designed this to be able to keep you comfortable on the hottest days out of the summer, when its 102 degrees, but it’s only like that 2 – 3 weeks out of the year.  So, normal single-stage units will be over-sized 80 -90% of the time.  But not this one.  It can start out at 35% and increase in 1% increments, all the way to 100%, making it a 65-Stage unit, all automatically and based on the precise comfort needs of your home.  Longer run time increases dehumidification capability and better overall comfort, as a matter of fact, it can remove 3 to 4 times the humidity of a standard system, making your home feel clean, crisp and dry.  Not only that, but it does it using about half as much electricity as the one you have now.

This system also has tons of silent technologies built into which is what makes it so quiet that you and I could have this conversation over the top of this unit and we wouldn’t even have to raise our voice. It’s actually kind of funny. Every now and then after our installers leave a new customers home who had one of these systems installed, some customers have actually called into our office telling us the new system is not working. We of course get one of our technicians out there right away only to discover that the system is operating perfectly; the customer just couldn’t hear it run….that’s how quiet these systems are!


And it’s extremely reliable.  It has what we call the iComfort enabled technology, which is basically like having a little onboard technician built into it to monitor the system 24/7…  It works just like the check engine light in your car.  If it notices any issues, we can have it send you AND us an alert to figure out what it is, hopefully before it ever breaks down, so the goal is to never be standing here in a hot house ever again like we are right now… 


iComfort also provides you with World Wide Web capabilities and access meaning that you can control your system from pretty much anywhere in the world! I used to not think this was a big deal but after installing a bunch of these, over 80% of our customers said they would never go back to a non-Wi-Fi thermostat after living with this one, it’s that awesome!

This unit is a Dave Lennox Series system so it is one of the only air conditioners that are completely solar ready. I know you don’t have solar panels on your roof right now, and that’s fine. Just know that with the cost of energy only continuing to rise, it may make sense for you and your family to add solar down the road. If you do, this system is simply plug_and_play!

You can see here that the cabinet is a composite design and that the outdoor coils are protected with steel louvers to ensure the unit is constantly protected.

And of course a system such as this is backed by a full 10 year warranty, bumper to bumper!


***As a quick side note here…  Don’t ever talk about all the specific things that make the XC25 so quiet, unless the customer asks (which would most likely only be the engineer).  Simply say “It has so many sound dampening features built into it, that you’ll probably never even know its running.”  OR “It has so many sound dampening features built into it that we get customers calling us back after we install them, thinking it’s not running…  It’s that quiet that you’re going to have to get used to it!”  Don’t ever talk about the “Vortex Suppression Grille, Quiet Motor Mounts, Sound Jacket over the Compressor, Variable speed outdoor fan motor…  You get the point.” but you need to know about them in case the customer does ask technical questions…

Ok, let’s move on down…


The second option in the XC21.  This is only a 2-stage unit, so you lose the flexibility of the fully modulating compressor, meaning you are losing 63 stages of cooling!  That means you won’t be able to control the temperature and humidity levels nearly as precisely as with the XC25. Also, you give up about 10-15% in efficiency.  But, it still has the same great warranty and the iComfort Technology.


The third option is the SL18.  With this option, this is what we are giving up.  The 2-stage compressor, so not going to be able to remove the amount of moisture as the XC21 or XC25.  It’s about 10-15% less efficient than the 21.  It is every bit as good of quality built and very reliable.  Still get same warranty, which is 10 years on the parts and labor, just giving up the 2-stage compressor and can’t remove as much humidity or keep that tight temperature control as the first two.


And the last option is the XC14 / 14ACX.  If you notice the way this one is built, this unit does not have any of the sound dampening features.  It’s still much quieter than your unit, but not as quiet as the other 3 systems we discussed.  It’s about 10-15% less energy efficient that the SL18 and we lose some of the warranty (10 years parts, 1 year on the labor).  Does not have the iComfort enabled technology.  Really, it’s more of a basic, standard system.  Its equivalent to what you have now, just built for today’s standards.

Okay, so between the video and this hand written layout you should have everything you need to elevate your success when exploring replacement equipment options. If you don’t practice, you won’t see any difference. Just do me a favor and don’t blame me or tell others that this doesn’t work based on your lack of effort.

Once you own this message and create Your Signature Song you will be able to deliver all 4 air conditioners in less than 5 minutes with no “um’s” or “ah’s”.

“Happy saaaaales to youuuu, until we meet again!” LOL, couldn’t resist myself