HVAC Sales Success – Follow Up 


You might be leaving tens of thousands of dollars off your W-2


It’s a fact that most people when investing in any large purchase make their decision within the first 48 hours. This is why it is so important for HVAC sales people to lock down a clear follow up schedule with the customer before they ever leave the original appointment.

I am always amazed how most sales people leave follow up to chance or worse, completely in the customer’s hands. They never lock down a next step with the customer and most HVAC Sales professionals  don’t have a consistent follow up procedure. They pretty much base their follow up on how they “feel” the appointment went. If they felt like the customer was close to buying, they call that person once, maybe twice. If they feel like that customer was not a hot prospect, they don’t waste their time with follow up.

That’s of course if they even remember to follow up at all. When the busy season is in full swing, most HVAC Sales appointments that did not close on the first visit are simply forgotten about all together.

Worse yet, when most HVAC Sales professionals do perform follow up they leave a message that does nothing to reengage the customer. Most follow up calls and voicemail messages merely confirm that the customer is working with a “salesman”. Here’s the most common follow up message: “Hello Mary, its Michael with XYZ Air Conditioning. Just following up to see if you had any questions with regards to the new system we discussed last week. Call me…..”

First of all, if you’re waiting a week to follow up, Mary most likely is already enjoying her new system she bought from someone else. Second, if she had a question about the system don’t you think she would have called you if she was really interested?

In a survey done last year, it was discovered that most homeowners when shopping for a new home comfort system made their decision within 48 hours of the last estimate. If you waited more than two days to follow up, there is a good chance that another HVAC Sales professional just stole your sale and took hundreds of dollars right out of your wallet.

Here are some things you need to focus on if you want to have an effective follow up system that keeps those dollars in your pocket.
1.) Have a process that you follow every time you are unable to close the sale on the spot. You have a smart phone in your pocket. When a customer tells you that they aren’t signing today, for whatever reason and you have exhausted all your options. Pull out your phone and go to the calendar, right there with your customer. Begin to ask your customer when the best time to follow up will be (use the alternate choice here) when she answers you, start to program the date and convenient time right into your calendar.

As you are filling out the calendar appointment be sure to use something like “Michael calling to schedule new high efficiency system installation” in the topic or subject line. Then proceed to ask for the best phone number to reach her at the agreed time and the best email address to send the confirmation to? If she is not willing to share a cell phone number or email address, this should be a red flag.

Mary has an objection to your proposal and you have not uncovered it yet. If you do not uncover and address her concern before you leave there is a good chance that no matter how you follow-up, you will be talking to her voicemail.

2.) Once you leave the house, drop a thank you card in the mail thanking Mary for choosing to have you and XYZ air conditioning out to assist her with her comfort system upgrade and that you are here for her at any time should she ever need you. (Write your “personal cell #” in the card). You will need cards and stamps in your vehicle to make sure this arrives the next day. Remember the first 48 hours is critical.

3.) Call Mary at exactly the time you said you would. When she answers the phone, assume the sale. “Hello Mary, Michael here. I looked over the installation schedule prior to our call and it looks like we have Wednesday or Friday available for the installation, which of those dates works best for your schedule?”

Don’t ask her if she has questions or “what she thinks”. Ask her when she wants to have it installed. If she has questions or concerns don’t worry, she will share them with you right now. You set the tone, you either build the confidence that you’re the right choice, or you create doubt with your tone, your words and your energy. Make sure you are upbeat, smiling and expecting nothing short of doing the work for her.

4.) If Mary doesn’t answer at the scheduled time, leave her a decent message. Don’t tell her you’re just following up like you said you would, when you had agreed would be best for her. Don’t leave a message to “see what she thought or if she had any questions”.

“Hey Mary, Michael here with XYZ Air, I have been looking forward to our call today, there is some additional information about your new systsem that you’re really going to like. Call me once you’re available! (Leave # slowly and clearly) Talk soon, bye!”

If you really want to receive a phone call back add something like this to the end of your message. “Hey listen, if I don’t hear back from you, no worries. I am actually going to be in your neighborhood at the end of the day today meeting with another client, I’ll just pop bye once we finish up, say around 6:00 pm. Look forward to seeing you again!”.

You have to leave them a message that motivates them to call you back and you HAVE to have excitement in your voice! Be positive!!

This final piece of advice is big. Many times when I follow up with a message with regards to something I “thought of” after I left that they are going to really like, they call me back. When we connect I simply add an accessory or upgrade to the proposal I left with them (at full retail price). They are not expecting me to increase the proposal; they are thinking the exact opposite. When your all excited and add in that air cleaner, or the humidifier, or that UV light and increase their investment it plays in your favor in many ways.

If after I left a message about something I “thought of” and I do not hear back from them within an hour or two. Call them back again and leave the message about being in their area that night and how there is no need to call you back, you’ll just pop bye. This almost always gets you a return call!

We could go on and on about effective follow up but the bottom line is that you must have a system to follow with all your customers who have not signed by the dotted line AND you have to continue to follow up until you get a yes or no.

Just remember, your follow up should be exciting and energetic! Most people sound miserable and tired when they follow up. This doesn’t excite anyone to move forward with you.

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