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Like you, the HVAC industry is where we have invested almost ALL of our professional careers. We listen to all the most successful people in the world and within the HVAC Business Development community, we read book after book, listen to speaker after speaker, and invest in ourselves and our business more than anything else in our lives. You ever notice that EVERY single successful company and person you have ever heard from has one very basic common denominator?  Each of them believe, practice and display their commitment to Goal Setting throughout every step of their HVAC Business Development process.

Funny how everyone we look up to, everyone that had many of the things we all desired, all said the same thing yet for some reason we feel or justify why goal setting isn’t really required for us while on our HVAC Business Development course. I remember telling myself; “I know what I want, I don’t need to write it down and carry it around in my pocket.” I always had at least one justifiable reason as to why my form of goal setting was just fine.

After years of resisting writing down my goals something changed. It finally started sinking into my thick skull and I made a conscious commitment to really focus on goal setting. To jump in with both feet and see what happens.

What has happened in my life as well as my business has been so POWEFUL, so AWESOME that I am now “that guy” writing articles and books about goal setting, Public speaking on stages across North America and instructing individuals as well as companies for a living!

If you’re like I was and still have doubts about the power of goal setting, this video was recorded for you.

Here is how I started. This would probably work for you as well in your personal life or in your HVAC Business Development journey.

• Draw lines on a piece of paper that breaks it into 3 columns

• Label each column. Me, Family, Professional 

• Give yourself 5 minutes to brainstorm each area, use a stop watch (there is a reason). What do you want? At first things will come easy, but after a couple of minutes it gets pretty hard. Keep asking yourself….what do I want?

• Review your goals. Really focus on the words you use. As an example, let’s say one of your goals is to be debt free. The word “debt” is not a good word to focus on…if you do guess what you will get more of? State that you will have an “income surplus”.

• I start each of my goals with this statement: “I am so happy and blessed now that (insert goal)”

• Type your goals into a Word document and have a signature & date line on the bottom. Sign off on your commitment to these goals and date it. You are entering into a binding agreement with yourself to focus on this every day.

• Take your top two or three goals and put them on a card that reads the same. “I am so happy and blessed now that (insert goal).”

• The agreement goes somewhere that you will read them every day (morning and night). A night stand is a great place. The card goes in your pocket and every time you put your hand in that pocket, for whatever reason you have to read them to yourself, if nobody is around read them out-loud.

• Keep track. As you accomplish any of your goals or even a small steps towards a larger goal make a note in the margin of your agreement.

• Repeat process every 6 months so that your goals are always up to date with your true desires.

Things will start happening and more importantly, you will know why these things are happening which should be all the confirmation you need to keep going!

Success4others is not only committed to HVAC Business Development, more importantly we are committed to the awesome men and woman that make up the most noble industry in the world, achieve more, earn more and in the end enjoy their lives more!

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