HVAC Customer Service – It’s All About Your Customer


Look at most organizational charts and you’ll find the owner at the top, followed by VP’s, managers, field staff, office staff, and somewhere down near the bottom, if not at the bottom is the “customer”. HVAC Customer Service Representatives know that without the customer, there would be no business at all. If your organizational chart is similar to the one described above, you need to flip your chart upside down and put the customer at the very top.

We also need to start not only recognizing and talking about all the ways customers have changed; we need to start changing our business to cater to the ever changing customer. Just because you do things the way you have for the last 20 years, or the way your daddy did things, doesn’t make it right. The best HVAC Customer Service companies in the world do all the things that makes it easier for their target customer to actually do business with them! In more cases than we care to mention, HVAC contractors are basing their operational decisions based on what is easiest for the company and not the customer. This shows in their average tickets, their sales volumes and yes…their customer retention rates.

First you need to understand that customer satisfaction is a bare minimum in today’s business world. Customer loyalty should be the real focus and goal.

Today’s customer has a desire to learn and be educated on what is going on. This doesn’t mean you go all tech-ninja on them, it simply means that they want to understand “what this means to me?” HVAC Customer Service practices in your business should all be based around this principle.

Our customers embrace technology nowadays so take full advantage of this. Email/text message confirmations from HVAC Customer Service Representatives, before the field staff arrives. Pictures are good, but videos are so much better. Focus 80 percent of your time with the customer and 20 percent of your time focused on the box. Your goal is to build a solid relationship that positions you as the expert, not simply fix the immediate problem and move on.

Make it easy for your customers to do business with you. Accept all major credit cards, offer financing on all invoices over $1,000.00. Again, keep this simple. Offer one no interest, no payment option and then one fixed interest, termed option. Don’t confuse your customers with too many finance options…two is plenty.

Focuses for this week

1.) Force yourself to spend a majority of your time with the customer.
Don’t rush to put incoming callers on hold, regardless of the call volume. Each caller that talks to our HVAC Customer Service department should be made to feel as though they (the customer) are the most important thing at that given moment….because they are!

2.) Educate every customer on all the benefits they will receive from your visit or recommendations. Talk benefits, not features.

3.) Evaluate how easy it is to do business with your company.
How long is someone on hold, how many times do they get transferred, can they schedule on-line, do you accept all major credit cards, and make it a goal to finance as much business as possible. What percentage of your business is financed now? Make a goal to double it, and then double it again as soon as you reach the initial goal.

HVAC Customer Service is a huge cornerstone in your business. When is the last time your CSR’s and dispatchers have gone through in-depth HVAC Customer Service Training? What are you waiting for? Success4others provides the HVAC industry’s elite companies with world class CSR training programs, as well as industry leading HVAC Sales Training & HVAC Service Training!

It’s time you invest the time and the money into ensuring everyone of your customers is receiving the very best from your team, if not, someone else is going to. 

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