I am always trying to get my arms around why some people seem to work so hard, yet don’t seem to be earning what they want to be earning to support the life style they talk about and admire. At some point in time we were taught that “working hard” would get us ahead in life. It makes sense the baby boomer generation has instilled this on the millennials because it used to make logical sense.

Millennials and Gen-Xer’s are researching exactly what the most successful people are doing versus the average person and are realizing really quickly that “hard work”, isn’t all that important after all. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has to do the actual WORK and take action every single day if they ever expect to achieve a higher level of success, the reality is hard work is often defined by the number hours or even the amount of sweat one is willing to give. That just simply isn’t true.

The reason why some HVAC Service and Sales people thrive, while others just get by, is summed up by one word “Performance!”

Don’t like that word, fine use this one; “Results!”

We all have the exact same amount of time in each day. The smartest people exchange the most amount of their time for the maximum amount of dollars, while everyone else is still trying to figure out the formula. It’s simple! Maximize every moment you can so that you can invest less time at working, but earn more money. Don’t dismiss what I am saying here or look for a reason for why it isn’t this simple…..it is!

Too many HVAC Service and sales people invest way too many hours per day on useless activities while they are on the clock, or they just go through most days unaware or not focused on their activities. When people become consciously aware of each and every hour they are working and decide to measure each of their activities based on their income, it’s not by chance that they can actually work less hours, yet make the same or significantly more money. The HVAC Service and Sales industry has given us the tools we need to set us up perfectly, but so many don’t even see it.

Performance based pay, commission structures, and spiff program after spiff program are all on the table in almost every HVAC Service and Sales Company in existence. So why is it that people still focus on the number of hours they work in a day and many people only talk about what they “want” or what they “hope” to get when this happens or that happens? There can only be one answer. They have never actually sat down and answered the question: “What do I want my W2 to reflect this year?” And then mapped out all the things that would need to happen for that W2 amount to become a reality.

All the data is available to every HVAC Service and Sales person. How many calls will you run on average per day? How many calls per week, per month, per year? Some months are busier than others so we can set a higher percentage of our returns in those busier months. What does our average ticket need to look like? What accessories or add-ons could we be educating our customers on that they could benefit from? Where does our closing rate or inclusion rate need to be to make that W2 a reality?

Map out the activities a number of different ways and then start MEASURING your days and hours for results. If you do “X” then you can expect “Y”. After a week, or better yet a month of tracking the hours you work based on your income, you will quickly discover what your most profitable activities are and hopefully spend more time engaged in those activities. I’m not saying that HVAC Service and Sales people performing prepaid maintenance, or routine customer interactions should not invest enough time communicating with their customers; however I AM saying they should be more AWARE of what they choose to focus on with each customer.

If you’re always looking for ways to solve your customers problems or in many cases helping the customer understand that they even have a problem, it truly is a win/win. Don’t just sell people stuff to sell them stuff. You have to keep the dollars signs out of your eyes, which is super hard for most people. You should only sell and promote products and services that each of your customers can actually benefit from. Many times HVAC Service and Sales people are too focused on all the reasons why a product doesn’t work, rather than figuring out solutions to the most common challenges that most homeowners have.

If you focus outside of the “box” (A/C or Furnace) we can all have a tremendous impact on our customer’s lives. Every HVAC Service and Sales person has the opportunity to solve problems and then get paid for their problem solving abilities. The bigger the problems you solve, the more money people typically make.

Watch the video and make the decision to go out and get what it is you want and deserve. Those HVAC Service and Sales people willing to do the things that others aren’t willing to do, will soon begin to enjoy things that others aren’t able to enjoy!

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