HVAC Service Tech Training – Customer Cash Position


Many times when we are inspecting an HVAC system that is 8 years old or older we are faced with advising our customer on either investing in a repair to keep their existing system operating, or investing funds into a new high efficiency HVAC system for their home. The decision your customer makes is always a reflection of the quality of HVAC Service Tech Training your employees have received.


Unfortunately, the only person’s opinion that really matters when faced with such a decision is the homeowner’s. Our job as an industry expert and certified HVAC Service Tech is to thoroughly inform and educate the homeowner on ALL the options available to them and then let them make the decision they feel is best for them.


Too many times we have witnessed HVAC service technicians look at the cost of the repair versus the cost of a new system and watch them make the decision for their customer. The conversation normally goes something like this:


Technician: “Mrs. Smith, your existing 10 year old unit needs a new blower motor and capacitor which will cost you $800.00.”


 Homeowner: “Wow, eight hundred dollars! That’s a lot of money. How long do you think my existing system is going to last? I mean, how many years of life are left in my system, should I look into possibly replacing it rather than putting that kind of money into it?”


Technician: “Oh…you’ve got some time left Mrs. Smith. Your system is only 10 years old. Most systems in our area last at least 13 to 15 years; you don’t need to worry about replacing it yet.”


HVAC Service Technicians always want to do what’s best for their customer, however when we look at the customers actual “cash position” after they invest $800.00 into a repair and then wait 1 year, 3 years or even 5 years to replace the system we begin to understand exactly what this means to the customer and most importantly…what it means to their bank account.


This week’s HVAC Service Tech Training focus:


1.) Identify all the rebates available in your area, potential utility savings, and inflation factors your comfortable with.

2.) Practice illustrating the repair vs replace analysis on blank paper until you understand each factor, flawlessly!

3.) Run the repair vs replace analysis on all your repairs calls this week (alone, without the customer present) just to see what the customer’s actual cash position would be in 1 year, 3 years and 5 years.

4.) Within one week of focusing on this, you are ready to walk your customers through this analysis on every call that requires a repair.


Notice I used the word “ready” and not the word “comfortable” in action step #4. If you wait until you’re comfortable, you’ll never do this. Achieving a higher degree of success is NEVER accomplished when we stay in our “comfort zone”. If it was, everyone would be successful!


For those of you who commit to practicing this and implementing it into your calls, I can assure you your success rates will improve and your customers will be better informed to make the right decision for them.


For those of you who don’t incorporate this into your tool bag, keep doing what you’re doing, just don’t expect different results. Oh…..and please don’t whine and complain to everyone about how you don’t make enough money, the weather sucks or how your leads last week were all crap. Thanks


As always, if you want to explore HVAC Service Tech Training further or could benefit from Success4others services in any way, please contact us today!