HVAC Service Training – Maintenance Agreements 101

In HVAC Service Training – Maintenance Agreements 101 we discuss the basic benefits of offering maintenance agreements to all of your customers. This video is designed to speak directly to contractors all over the world who are not currently offering maintenance agreements to their customers.

There are typically two main reasons why contractors DON’T offer maintenance agreements: 

1.) They feel agreements are a loss leader, meaning that there is limited to no profit in these annual or biannual visits.
2.) They have the fear of promoting maintenance agreements and having a labor challenged related to getting the annual or biannual visits scheduled with their existing work load.

Regardless of your reasoning for not offering maintenance agreements on 100 percent of your calls, first you must understand the importance of having your customers committed to these annual plans. The financial health and overall performance of your business is ALWAYS in direct correlation to the number of maintenance agreement customers you have in your database.

When you don’t offer and successfully signup customers to a maintenance program you are leaving those customers “up for grabs”. They can be picked off by your competitors very easily due to the lack of commitment and loyalty they have with you. Understand that in today’s world of business customer satisfaction is pretty much useless, let’s face it. Making your customers happy is a minimum expectation. If you can’t keep customers happy than you are going to lose them. Customer loyalty needs to be the focus and goal. When people commit to an annual program with your company they are essentially saying “We like you, we trust you and we are loyal to you.”

 One HVAC service technician in your company will run more than 750 service calls in a year’s time. This is based on them running 3 calls per day, 5 days per week for 50 weeks per year, so you can see how this number is extremely conservative. A lot of HVAC service technicians run closer 1,000 calls per year.

Through a solid focus on HVAC Service Training, your technicians will become more comfortable offering a maintenance agreement on every one of their calls. If they do it’s a guarantee that they would have some level of success signing people up. If 5 out of 10 customers simply said “yes” to your offering, that would produce more than $73,000.00 in additional revenue per year for your company.

Maintenance agreements increase the revenue to the company which allows you to have less financial stress, especially in the slower times of the year, the shoulder months. In addition to the increased revenue you also are building the most important thing….trust and loyalty with each of your customers. This alone is priceless.

When performing season maintenances we also need to understand that the entire reason we are in the home is to investigate all areas of the system and most importantly to identify the customers wants, needs and desires. It is during these additional visits each year where we can take our time and really educate the customer on how we can improve their comfort, reduce their dust levels, increase the health and safety of their home, reduce their utility costs and reduce noise levels from their existing system.

These just happen to be the main reasons as to why people invest in HVAC related products and services. SO we are not just there to inspect/clean the equipment, we are really there to communicate with each customer and show them how we can help them achieve a higher level of enjoyment out of their home.

The HVAC Service Technicians that understand this are the ones who produce the highest tickets, the best closing rates and have the highest customer satisfaction reviews. This of course leads to additional work that can be scheduled, additional revenue streams during the slower times of the year and a more valuable business.

This week’s HVAC Service Training focus:
• Develop or review your existing maintenance agreement offering. Make sure you are offering at least two options to your customers when asking them to get involved.
• Create a flyer or marketing sheet that clearly shows the customer all the benefits they receive with each of the offerings. Nobody cares how many point inspection you perform, they care only of the benefits THEY will receive from a thorough inspection.
• Commit to offering and discussing the benefits of a maintenance agreement with 100 percent of your customers.
• Measure your results. How many maintenance agreements can you sell in a week? In two weeks? In a month? Forecast those results out over the course of a year and see for yourself how powerful this will be for you companies financial health.

If you have any questions related to HVAC Service Training, maintenance agreement offerings, sales plans or need some help putting together options for your customers, please feel free to reach out to us so that we can work with you one on one to get a solid program up and running in your business today!

Thanks for tuning in!