HVAC Sales Success – Improve Your Presentation


Your HVAC Sales suck most likely because your presentation sucks!



Anyone who promotes a product or service in exchange for some sort of compensation is always looking for that “Silver Bullet”, we are always looking for a competitive advantage that ensures we get more “yeses” than we do “no’s”.

The first thing we need to realize is that there are NO silver bullets; there are no secret tactics that guarantee us better success. The next thing we need to understand is what we “think” we say is typically different than what we “actually” say.

I have sat in on thousands of HVAC Sales presentations and have been trained to always ask myself 3 questions afterwards. What did I do right, what did I do wrong and what could I have done differently (or better)? These 3 questions have always served me well, but many times I have left a presentation and struggled with identifying all the positives, negatives and improvements.

The reality was that I couldn’t completely remember the last 2-3 hours of conversation clearly enough to accurately dissect it. I realized that no matter how good of notes I had taken, this was a challenge for me.

Once I started performing ride a-longs with other HVAC Sales and Service Professionals my perspective shifted. I was now observing others and could easily identify areas that went well versus areas that they could improve. After one particular ride along I shared that the gentleman had used the word “efficiency” more than 100 times in the last 90 minutes. This HVAC Sales Professional completely disagreed with my observation and actually became argumentative over this.

I decided that I would start to at least audio record not only other people’s presentations, but more importantly my own. This would allow me to review all the key areas of the presentation and hear for myself what sounded good versus which areas I suffered from “diarrhea of the mouth”.

Some of you reading or watching this right now are telling yourself all the reasons why you “can’t” do this. Listen, you can either look for the reasons why this will work for you, or you can look for all the reasons why you can’t do this. Either way, you are absolutely right.

Let me clarify. I’m not suggesting you create an audio library of every presentation you perform, nor am I saying that you use any of the information captured during a presentation against anyone or to prove yourself right.

All I am suggesting is this; if you are having a challenge building rapport with your clients that develops a strong sense of trust early on in your presentation, if you are not one to ask for the sale/order on 100 percent of your calls, or if you struggle with handling objections. Record that portion of your presentation and then listen to it on your way back to the office or on your way to your next call.

You have to listen to the recording the same day otherwise it will serve you no purpose. The reason for this is that our presentations and conversations are constantly changing. If you wait even a day, the information is not nearly as powerful. Obviously, the longer you wait to review the recording the less valuable the information will be. Once you have listened to the recording, erase it. It’s of no value to you anymore.

So how will this help improve your presentation? We are all our own worse critics. We are hyper sensitive to the words we use and even the sound of our own voice. We all know when something we say sounds legit and natural or if it sounds fake and scripted. Anything that we hear that raises a red flag in our head or doesn’t sound right to us, has probably raised an area of caution within your customers mind, even if just subconsciously.

Just by identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly you will automatically begin to witness improvements in your communication and your presentations. Your subconscious mind will take that information, process it and begin to secretly plan out improvements. These improvements will continue only if you keep feeding your brain this information.

Over the next week make the conscience decision to record at least one HVAC Sales presentation per day or even just one portion of a presentation per day. Commit to listening to that recording before bed the same day. After just one week you will have learned more about how you can improve your presentation than any book you could read or any seminar you could attend.

Listen carefully to the words you use throughout your HVAC Sales presentation. Are you talking in industry trms or in homeowner language? How many times do you use words like: SEER, Efficiency, CFM, IAQ, AFUE, MERV, HEPA, Static Pressure, Condenser, Any “manufacture” name, etc….? Home owners don’t know what this stuff is. Stop talking about features and using industry terminology. Talk in terms of benefits and use non-industry language so that you customer is more engaged and understands what they are getting when they do business with you.

If brand, efficiency and price are the main talking points of your HVAC Sales presentation, you are no different than any other HVAC Sales person. Here’s the reality: Anyone can get your brand, everyone can match your efficiency, and someone is ALWAYS willing to beat your price. Improve your HVAC Sales presentation TODAY by simply not talking about this stuff. Focus on all the benefits your customer will receive when they choose to entrust you with their business.

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