In this week’s HVAC Sales Training video we will dive into overcoming objections. This is easily the one topic that every single person who walks into our classes wants to learn. It is impossible for me to cover all there is to know about overcoming objections in this short video, but I will focus on 5 key points that will help you close more sales!


RULE #1: NEVER take a customer’s objection personal. This is not a direct reflection of you, personally. The customer is simply saying that they “feel” they can get more value or a better value from someone else. Now this you should take note of and be aware of. Don’t take it personal but their decision IS a result of your actions and quality of your presentation. Did you do everything you could to show the customer and let the customer “feel” why you and your recommendations are their best option? If the answer is honestly “yes” than that’s okay. Not every person you meet with is going to say yes to you. Just make sure you’re accurately measuring your closing rates and that you aren’t getting more “no’s” than “Yeses”, if you are than you are missing something so pay close attention here.


Either way you can’t take it personal and let it take you off track or have a negative impact on your attitude and approach. If you do, it will only create a more powerful downward spiral. Secondly, always be asking yourself, “What did I miss?”, “What could I have done a better job of in my presentation?”



RULE #2: NEVER make statements when you’re overcoming an objection. Simply address whatever objection was given and then immediately follow it up with a question. When you ask questions you keep the conversation alive. Statements kill conversations. Look at your phone and go to your text messages. You’ll see that almost every single text that is “inactive” or done, they all ended in a statement. Whenever you or the person you were texting asked a question, the conversation is kept alive. This is true in all conversations and during the close it is SUPER important to just simply keep the conversation going.


RULE #3: NEVER ask a Yes” or “No” question. People always default to a “no” response. Like when you walk into a store and the clerk asks you if they “can help you find anything today?” Our response is almost always the same….”Nope, just looking.” People have developed a “defensive mechanism” to guard them from being “sold” things they don’t need or to keep sales people at an arm’s length. When asking for the order or business, always use an “Alternate of Choose” question.


All this means is that you will provide the customer with a few options and then follow it up with a question like, “Of these options, which one do you feel is best?” Once they pick one you can follow up with another question like, “I noticed on my way out here that we have availability to install this system either next Wednesday or next Friday, which of these days will work better for your schedule?” And then shut up and listen to what they say.


The key with asking powerful alternate of choice questions is to be patient and not rush through this. Ask a question, relax and keep your mouth closed until your customer provides you with a response. So many times we ask a question and think we know the answer, or think we know what the customer is feeling (which is crap), so we start talking again because we don’t like the silence. The problem is most of the time WE NEVER actually get the customer to answer our questions. So many times we talk ourselves right out of a sale.


RULE #4: RELAX! When you have taken the time to deliver a great presentation, when you have educated and empowered your customer to make an informed decision, YOU have earned the right to ask for the order, which we need to be doing 100% of the time. This sounds like common sense, but the reality is most HVAC Sales people don’t ever straight up ask for the order, so make sure you are doing this every single time. Pay attention to this portion of your sales call with “Antennas up,” you’ll learn so much!


When you’ve asked for the order, just relax. So many people view this as the most stressful time of the call when in reality this is the most important time of the call. Sit back, put your pen down, take a few breathes and chill out (disarm). Nothing happens until a sale is closed.


Your customer loses…they don’t receive all the benefits you, your company, and your recommendations are going to provide them.


Your company loses…your installers don’t have a full schedule, you company is not able to utilize the revenue generated to better the company.


You and Your family loses…yep, regardless of how nice you were or how much the customer enjoyed meeting with you; this is never going to pay your bills. Your quality of life will always be in direct proportion to your ability to close sales.


In other HVAC Sales & Service Training videos I speak about “Belief”, I would suggest that you watch that video when you have a few minutes as well as all the other videos we have made available to you.


RULE #5: SHIFT THE CONVERSATION! Once your customer has chosen a system and an installation date has been set, the sale has been made…congratulations! Now, STOP SELLING! Shift the conversation to whatever it is that you and your customer enjoyed discussing throughout your visit.


These are 5 key areas of focus that you should focus on this week. Take 10 minutes out of your day, each and every day to watch this HVAC Sales Training video and reread this article. If you do, the results are sure to follow.


If you have any questions related to any of this information or need some additional clarification, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!


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