HVAC Sales Training – Talking Pipelines and Funnels


In the world of sales regardless of what you are selling the reality is that success is simply a numbers game. For each individual their W2 will be based on the amount of opportunities they had throughout the year. As we all know this can fluctuate week by week or season by season based on many things that are simply out of our control. Success4others Sales Training teaches you what you can be doing right now to ensure that you are minimizing the seasonality of your business and maximize your sales success?


So many HVAC Service Technicians and HVAC Sales Professional throughout our industry put zero thought or effort into this until it’s too late. I have some very good friends in the financial services business and they find it completely absurd that sales people in the HVAC industry complain and whine about the lack of opportunities when the phone stops ringing. See, since day one they have had to generate all of their own opportunities and if their phone stops ringing they realize that the phone works both ways. If you’re not getting the inbound calls that you need to hit your financial goals then maybe you should start to focus on making outbound calls to make up the difference.


For many of you reading this right now you have are already starting to disconnect from this message and are feeding yourself all the reasons why this is a bad idea, but stick with me for a couple more minutes and you’ll have to agree that there is some merit to what I’m about to say. The first question you need to answer is simple: “Are you more likely to sell your products or services to someone who already knows you, likes you, and trust you, OR are you going to be more successful promoting your products to someone who has no clue who you are?”


Told you it was a simple question.


Here is a process that will cost you less than twenty dollars and take you only a few minutes per day that is guaranteed to increase your W2 by thousands of dollars year in and year out. Start yourself a sales journal. That’s right, start logging all your sales calls that you have already been successful on. Include the customer’s name(s), dates, personal information to keep you familiarized with the client and all the information related to what you educated them on or promoted versus what they actually purchased. The better the notes you keep in this book, the more valuable the book will be and the stronger results you will have in creating your own opportunities.


Once you have logged your sales for 3 months, 6 months and over the course of the first year, you will soon have a resource that in irreplaceable. The information contained in this book will allow you to not only make more money, but will provide you with precious leads when everyone else is waiting on the weather to turn, or hoping that the next marketing piece will get the phone to ring.


It is said that “time heals all pain” and this I know to be true simply by looking at child birth. If a woman remembered just haw painful childbirth had been the first time around they would probably never elect to have a second, third or even fourth kid.


When we first meet our clients it is typically when they are in time of need and they are experiencing some sort of discomfort. The HVAC Sales professional who is able to solve that customer’s need and remove that pain most effectively is the person who gets awarded the job or the sale. In our world we have to understand that most homeowners do not plan to replace their heating or cooling system and until we educate them on all the options available to them, they really had no idea what a new system would cost them OR just how many options were available to them.


Many times we walk out with the system sale however the client has selected only a portion of all the products they could have really benefited from in many cases due to budget. This is exactly why you need to be tracking and journaling our HVAC Sales. Today your customer may only be able to move forward with the air conditioner or the furnace but that doesn’t mean they didn’t want the air cleaner, the humidifier, the zoning system or anything else you had educated them on. They just were not able to pull the trigger on those other items for whatever reason right now.


They obviously liked you, trusted you and believed in you enough to give you the go ahead on some of the stuff so what are you doing to keep that trust and to make sure they continue to like you? Are you revisiting with them after the installation to see what they think? Do you call them periodically just to check in and say “hi”? If not your missing out on a huge opportunity and leaving your customers wide open to your local competitors to snatch them up.


When you care more about your customers and their wellbeing than you do about your commission check, your commissions grow dramatically. Since you already have a solid relationship, put some efforts into maintaining that association, you can use your sales journal to keep selling additional products and services to your existing clients for life.


If you sold a furnace this past winter to a family, couldn’t you reach out to them again in the spring about the air cleaner they chose not to install along with it? Remember adding an air purification system to someone’s home is a benefit regardless of whether they have allergies or not. Couldn’t you explore that humidifier in the fall a year later?


What if during one of your happy calls they share with you that one of their rooms just isn’t as comfortable as the rest of the house. Couldn’t you offer to stop bye and check it out for them? I’m sure a zoning system or some ductwork modifications could solve that problem for them.


More importantly than just selling additional stuff, what impact would this have on your customer’s loyalty? Having a better relationship with your existing clients might even end up generating you referrals to their friends and family. I know how much you really enjoy those “internet leads” and the calls that scheduled a free estimate because “they saw one of your trucks”.


The truth is that if you’re not working your existing book of business than you have no grounds to complain and whine to the boss about the quality of your leads.


We all have the same amount of opportunity and time within any given day. It’s ultimately what you are willing to do with that time that dictates your results. Those that are willing to do the things that others are not willing to do, always enjoy things that others simply won’t.


This week give this some thought and start to invest in your future and take control of your destiny.


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