HVAC Sales Training – Closing Takes Belief


Success4others provides the most powerful HVAC Sales Training available. This article “HVAC Sales Training – Closing Takes Belief” you will learn the most important aspect of Closing the Sale! Whether you’re promoting a product or endorsing a service, Closing Takes Belief. Belief in yourself first, belief in your products or services next and then of course belief in your company. Getting others to like you, agree with you and invest in you really boils down to your ability to transfer your beliefs to others. When you boil it down “Sales” is nothing more than the successful transfer of belief.


One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to promoting their company, their products and services, as well as themselves is that they lack an unwavering believe in one or more of these areas. If you don’t fully understand “why” your price is higher than a local competitor, it will come through in your presentation and you will find yourself having to answer price related objections on a consistent basis.


Having confidence in your company, your products/services and yourself are the first steps to closing more sales. People want to do business with the best, with the expert and it is PROVEN that they will pay more for a professional than they will for an amateur.


Focus on building a solid foundation with every customer that puts them as well as their family’s needs, wants and desires above your own. In every actions and through each word, show all of your customers that you care about them above all else. “People really don’t care how much you know until they first know how much you care.” ~Maxwell


1.) Be Prepared! Don’t wing it. Have all the information you can and take the time in the beginning to really identify your customers goals, desires and pains are.


2.) Look & Act Professional. Don’t look like, talk like or act like everyone else. Position yourself heads and shoulders above all your competition.


3.) Define all the reasons as to why people should do business with you and not a competitor. What are the benefits your customers receive that they would lose if they went somewhere else?


4.) Call your last 10 customers. Why did they choose to do business with you? What did they enjoy most about the experience? Would they refer their friends, neighbors and friends to you in the future? Ask for testimonial letters describing their experience….how many estimates did they get, why they chose you, etc…


5.) Practice. So many people just say whatever random thing pops into their head. Think about the stories you should share with your customers, practice them and pay attention to the responses these stories generate. If it worked with one customer, chances are it will work with others.


Whether you decide to do any of this or not, it is completely up to you. Most won’t do anything different tomorrow than they are doing today. These are normally the same people who complain about the condition of the economy, the lack of weather and the quality of their leads the loudest.


If you’re frustrated or looking for more information, let us help you take that next step in you HVAC Sales Training and another step towards your greatness!

Enjoy the video!


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