This week’s HVAC Service Training message is all about what it is we really do. Whether you’re an HVAC Sales person, Service Technician, Installer, CSR or dispatcher, we all DO pretty much the same thing. Regardless of what our title is, our daily functions and job descriptions all have a common denominator. In our HVAC training classes hosted all over the country we ask people, why do you do what you do and the answer almost always boils down to the same thing?


Everyone enjoys helping people out. We wake up every morning and show up to our work place to put in long hours and on our drive home our mood or our satisfaction from that days’ worth of labor is always dictated by how much we feel we have helped people that day. Think about it. You arrive at a nice couple’s home who is experiences a lot of stress, they don’t know what to do, they are uncomfortable, and there is even tension in the air as you enter the home.


You have a discussion with them, listen to everything that they are experiencing and then go to work. After a few short minutes you have the solution and are able to relieve all of the stress from the situation. Just by doing what you do every day and by being the professional that you are, you have completely won these people over. They like you, they trust you, as a matter of fact these people are so impressed by how you have helped them out, they sincerely thank you again and again, and in some cases offer you some sort of gift. 


At the end of the day you are a SUPER HERO! Yeah, we should all wear capes to work!


Ask yourself a question. “What other profession could you choose to devote your attention and labor to that has more of an impact on the quality of people’s lives than the HVAC Industry?”



Well you might say that a doctor is a person who definitely has a positive impact on the quality of people’s lives, and by all means they do. So now ask yourself this question. “Where would the medical profession be without the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning industry?” Where would the pharmaceutical companies, the quality of our medicines, and the massive advancements in their research be without refrigeration? Have you ever thought about what you do this way before? Where would the medical industry be without clean air? Would you go in for a surgery in a room that wasn’t sterile? I wouldn’t!


Look at how the advancements in technology have had such a positive impact on mankind. It would be impossible for the silicon laboratories to even manufacture the chips and countless other integral parts to make the devices we use on a daily basis without clean air and temperature/humidity control.


Have you ever stopped to think about this stuff in this perspective before? When you look at what you and I do through this lens, it’s pretty clear that what we do is pretty amazing! We should all walk taller with our chest out and our chin held high because what we do is arguably the most honorable profession in the world!


Our success in life will always be in direct proportion to how much we help other people. Some people call this “karma”, or quote scripture and say “you reap what you sow.” Regardless you will always get back what you put out.


So as part of this week’s HVAC Service and Sales Training I want you to really focus on helping people out. I’m talking about taking this to a new level, to a conscience level. You talk to and/or visit with a lot of people each day, each week, and each month. Make it your personal goal to truly help each and every one of these people. We have countless resources to make such a positive impact on people’s lives, let’s focus on educating ourselves and our customers on those resources so that we can make an impact.


In the HVAC industry almost everyone gravitates and focuses on increasing our customer’s efficiency or decreasing their utility costs. The fact is that this is NOT the reason why people should invest in our huge array of products and services. In many households one or even both parties don’t even know what their utility bills are each month. They just pay it on line each month and unless it is extreme, they never even discuss it. What do they really have to compare this to anyways? It’s not like all the neighbors on their street get together monthly to discuss their utility costs to see who pays the most and who pays the least.  If these bills are going undiscussed, if they seem to be in line with what they paid last month or last summer/winter, there really is no motivation for them to invest thousands of dollars into a new HVAC system to reduce those bills, is there?


So here is another challenge for you this week. Don’t even think about or talk about SEER, AFUE, or energy efficiency when you’re working with your clients. Think of all the other ways we can help people out.


The first area you should focus on is increasing your customers comfort level in their home. Replacing their existing equipment is normally not even required here. In the video I rattle a bunch of ideas off for you so take some notes as you watch it. Brain storm out a list of ALL the things you could add, modify, or clean that would increase people’s comfort levels in their home.


This entire week only focus on increasing comfort, evening out temperatures and increasing airflow across the system. This will decrease or eliminate future breakdowns AND increase the equipment’s life expectancy in addition to providing your customer with a noticeable “change” in their indoor environment. This is way more powerful than reducing their utility bills a little bit. They have lived in this house every day for “X” many years. That one room or that one area has never been comfortable and then you fix it. You make a minor change and have a substantial impact that your customer will feel forever.


What could you do to help your customers out with dust problems, with the reduction of illnesses or the transfer of illnesses within their home? Indoor Air Quality IS part of our industry, last I checked. We have countless products and services available that can improve the quality of air people breathe each and every day inside their home. I know you have heard that the air inside our homes is 3-4 times more polluted than the air outside our homes AND that people spend more than 80% of their life indoors. So what are you doing about it?


So many HVAC service and sales people don’t even bring these things up; they don’t even talk about them! There is only one of two reasons why this is. The first reason these products aren’t brought up is because a lot of HVAC “professionals” don’t believe their customers will invest the money, which is complete crap and nothing more than an excuse to make themselves feel better or to justify their actions, or lack thereof. The only other reason why these products aren’t being discusses with homeowners daily is that we don’t believe these products work. This too is complete crap!


If you don’t believe that MERV, HEPA, UV, AEROSEAL and countless other products do what they are designed to do because this is what you have heard from the person with the most industry experience you know, or because it is the general consensus in your department, why don’t you start looking at the facts for a second. Why not invest a half hour a day to start researching these types of products to see what it is that they are capable of.


I’m not saying that every product that makes a huge claim on the side of the box is legit, but I am challenging you to become the expert in this stuff and do your research so that you know what works versus what doesn’t. Don’t just take a manufactures word at face value, of course they are going to tell you there product is the best thing to ever hit the shelves. You need to look at the case studies, you need to use a particulate counter to validate performance, and you need to do your homework, after all isn’t that what “professionals” do? If you ever expect to earn what a professional earns, than you are going to have to start doing what professionals do.


Let’s go back to the first reason. People aren’t willing to invest the money. The reality is your customers are already investing in this stuff; they just aren’t buying it from you! Look at the dramatic growth in the IAQ industry over the past few years and the growth predictions in the next couple of years, the numbers are HUGE. As an industry we have only about a 10% market share. This is our industry, we are the professionals and people aren’t even purchasing their IAQ products from us. Look at how many air cleaning products are on Best Buys website right now. Almost 200 different products, ranging in prices from $50.00 all the way up to $1,300.00 to improve the quality of air in a single room! Best Buy!! What the hell does the Geek Squad know about air purification?


The products that you and I have access to are of the highest caliber, they have been scientifically proven to remove particulates and other contaminates from the air we breathe.


This HVAC service and sales training video is jam packed with so much powerful, useful information that you should watch it again from start to finish, only this time take notes. Really focus on what is being shared here because it has the ability to not only improve your customer’s life, but it will also improve the quality of your life.


You owe it to your customers, you owe it to your company, and you owe it to yourself/family to shift your focus and become an expert in your profession. If you’re not going to do it for them, do it for me.


If you have any questions related to any of this information or need some additional clarification, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!


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