The Wonderful Profession of HVAC Sales

 Its mind blowing just how many people I meet that once they find out that I train HVAC Sales professionals and provide business development coaching, many respond with some sort of comment or remark about how they could NEVER sell for a living. I find it even more interesting when people say something stupid like how they could NEVER live off of a commission check.

At which point in history did we develop such a negative impression of the wonderful profession of sales? After all, people love to buy things and as a society we really enjoy spending money. Sure, we’ve all experienced the “Leisure suit Larry” sales approach in the past but these nightmare encounters are the minority and typically not the majority.

Think about all the great retail experiences we enjoy today. Nordstrom’s, Starbucks, Mercedes Benz, Costco and on and on the list goes. As consumers we don’t cringe when we walk into these businesses, we smile and spend money, a lot of money.

Let’s look at working for “commission” for a second and then we will come back to this. Whether you are paid salary, paid by the hour or are paid a fee for your service, understand this very important fact. The Quality Of Your Life…..IS YOUR COMMISSION CHECK! The vehicles you drive, the house you live in, the neighborhood you live in, the schools your children attend, the clothes that you wear, everything you have today as well as everything you will ever have in the future is a direct reflection of your ability to communicate effectively and sell your thoughts, your ideas and yes, your products & services (period). If you want to go out for dinner and your spouse wishes to stay home for dinner, whoever is successful at transferring their beliefs onto the other person is who wins. That’s sales!

Nothing and I do mean nothing happens in this world until someone sells something. Without sales there would be no economy and no need for currency. When asked what the oldest profession in the world is, people seem to believe the proper response is “prostitution”. Let’s just say the prospect was “sold” prior to the transaction being completed.

Think back in history and ask yourself who is the most successful sales person ever? Being that the definition of “sales” is nothing more than the “successful transfer of belief,” I would say Jesus Christ. When HVAC Sales professionals shift their perspective just a little, we realize very quickly that as our sales skills improve, our ability to help people dramatically increases.

Our products and services can literally change the quality of our customer’s lives. The quality of air families breathe, the overall safety of their home, how comfortable they are, we even have the ability to reduce their cost of living so that they have more money to invest in all the other areas of their life. Let me ask you, which other industry can have such a tremendous impact? HVAC Sales is arguably the most rewarding and impactful profession in the world!


This week’s focus is as follows:

1.) Brainstorm all of the ways each of your products and services can best help other people.
2.) Focus 30 minutes a day to learning everything you can and researching each of these products. Learn as much as you can. Google each product and see what shows up. This is the same information your customers will see when they do their research. Read all the articles and literature you can find, watch the videos, check out the reviews and see what other people have to say about their experience with these products. Don’t allow your existing “opinions” or personal objections to determine what a good or bad investment is for your customers.
3.) Share these testimonials or stories with your customers this week. Make it a point to educate everyone you come in contact with on at least two products that can improve their quality of life.
4.) Provide everyone with the details associated with investing in these products. (Investment, maintenance requirements and costs associated with maintaining year after year)
5.) Ask for the business EVERY SINGLE TIME!

If you have any questions related to any of this information or need some additional clarification, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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Have a wonderful week!