Is Your HVAC Company in Position to Win?

Whether it be at school, at home, or at work positioning is always plays a role in one’s ability to succeed or win. Think about the last time your family sat down and discussed what they were going to do this coming summer vacation.

The unanimous voices were heard and a weekend getaway to the clean mountain air or the sandy beach was the new families focus. As a parent, of course you want to make that happen; hell it’s going to be a lot of fun! But there are so many things that need to happen in order for this goal to be achievable.

The pets need to be accounted for, the household chores need to be completed, the car needs to be ready for such a road trip and then there is the packing and supplies that will be needed to make the trip a success.

As a family you pull together and discuss all these tasks and for the first time in, well, forever your kids have jumped to the opportunity to complete as many of the tasks as humanly possible and within their skill sets. The parent(s) agree to take on the remaining responsibilities to ensure that the goal is met.

Rarely, other than unforeseen circumstances are you denied your goal when you have enlisted others, gotten emotional fired up, and set your sights on the horizon.

So let’s look at this from a business stand point for a moment. The goal is typically growth and profitability in almost any business. Why else do we play the game?

Just as you do with your family, we need to define what needs to happen; assign ownership and get everyone fired up/focused on the goal.

A company meeting to outline the goal and get as much buy-in as possible is almost always necessary. Understand the “rah, rah” person in your company has to deliver this message; this isn’t always going to be the owner. This may be a manager or leader that is liked, respected and has the ability to motivate others with their message.

Get everyone involved. Ask sales representatives what their challenges are. Ask marketing what their challenges are. Ask people from every aspect of your business what their biggest challenges or obstacles are going to be as they relate to achieving the goals.

Prioritize your findings. Again, get the employees to vote on what challenges are most critical to focus on in achieving the goals. Have them briefly explain why they feel this is the most important and then 2nd most important, all the way through the list you’ve created.

Ask for ownership individually or in teams of each challenge. People will volunteer for things they are passionate about, and if they are passionate about something than only positive results can follow.

Schedule a meeting with each individual or team to discuss and brainstorm ideas that will yield the results you desire to hit the goals. This should be done with all the leaders/managers within your company so that everyone is on the same page and is working towards the same goals.

Hold follow up meeting each week to discuss progress, changes to the plan and results.

Schedule a monthly company meeting so that all the action items can be revisited with everyone. Have the individual or a person from each team report to the company what the original goal was, what they have decided was the best approach, and what results their efforts have yielded.

Reward results! Publicly the owner should be a spectator the entire meeting until the end. Once everyone has been heard and the results have been shared. Reward the individual or team publicly in front of everyone. “Based on the results you guys have achieved in this area and the extra effort you have obviously poured into this to help our company continue to grow, I would like you and your family to go out for dinner and a movie, on me.” Present them with gift cards, cash, or whatever will support them to continue on this path. The goal here is to encourage the behavior.

At this point you should revisit the original goals, give everyone the opportunity to add to or expand upon the challenge list, vote on which focuses should be most important and why, schedule you initial meeting and start the entire process over again.

After the second company meeting and everyone has had the opportunity to witness that this isn’t a fluke idea someone dreamed up and that there are rewards for these extra efforts, your involvement as well as measurable results will flourish.

I have worked through this process in all different areas and every time it has yielded measurable results. Overhead reduction, increased quality, customer service, referral generation, improved efficiency, the list is endless.   As with anything else however, consistency and discipline is what will fuel this cultural change, so see it through every week and every month.

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