It’s The Sales, Stupid!

Ask any HVAC industry group or organization… Ask any manufacturer…  Ask any business development guru who experienced some HVAC business success a few decades ago and they will be happy to tell you what you need to do to take your HVAC business to the next level.


Some will want you to take a bean counter approach and focus on your P&L’s to simply control cost, while others will take a more philosophical attitude and want you to focus on your company culture. Both are important for a business owner and leadership team to pay attention to in order to improve their business performance. However, NOTHING is more important to focus on for HVAC business success than your ability to SELL your products and services if you want to DOMINATE your marketplace.


The fact is, you can be the P&L police all you want, but it just doesn’t matter what your Gross Profit dollars are for a system upgrade, if you’re not selling any system change-outs, does it? Culture is almost allowing; or at least helping us accept poor performance nowadays in most HVAC businesses.


Many leaders are so busy singing “Kumbaya” with their team, that they have forgotten what minimum performance standards are, and the importance of SALES in their HVAC Business. Some folks camouflage anything and everything that has to do with sales for some reason. A professional sales person’s business card now reads, “Specialist, Advisor, Supervisor, or even Comfort Engineer.”


Let me share something with you… Sales IS, and WILL ALWAYS be the life-blood of any HVAC business. The more successful you are at selling your products, the better the HVAC business, period. Nothing happens in this world until somebody sells something.


The reason why so many people avoid telling themselves that they are a sales person is that they have a poor image of what sales really is. They might believe that sales people are high pressure, or that they practice relentless follow-up tactics that piss people off, and the truth is, some do.


A professional HVAC sales person doesn’t have to resort to pressure….No way. They believe so much in their products, and they know without a doubt in their mind that the only way for their prospects to be happy with their purchase, is if the prospect buys from them. They speak what they feel and know that the softest pillow is always a clear conscience.


Do you have children? Do they know the difference between right and wrong, for the most part? Well my friend, YOU are a great sales person. You closed your children on what you believe to be right, versus what you believe to be wrong. That was a successful transaction!


Sales is nothing more than the successful transfer of belief. When you believe in something strongly, you’re willing to do what it takes to transfer your beliefs onto someone else. It’s not something you force on someone, or something you have to “do” to someone. HVAC professionals are successful at selling their beliefs/services to others and always do so with the intent of improving their prospects’ quality of life, never to take advantage or to hurt them. When you look at “sales” from this point of view it seems pretty honorable and noble to me!


It’s time to put your energy and focus on the things that matter most; YOUR SALES SUCCESS! You can still participate in leading each other around blindfolded to build trust, I just want you to be able to do those company events from the Ritz Carlton, rather than in your training room that doubles as a board room every Tuesday morning.


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Success on your terms, your way!


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