Struggle or Flourish

Ever wonder why some companies flourish, while other companies with the same products, services and in the same market struggle? I see this every day. In almost every scenario the difference from average to great is minuscule. It amazes me how one company I talk to are broke and can’t wait for the weather to change so their phone will ring so they can make some money, while the business 4 blocks away is booked out for two weeks and dropping double digit Net Profits…what’s the deal?
The guy that’s broke, thinks he is supposed to be broke, while the guy killin it, has taken complete responsibility for his business and his employees. Let me break that down. The great company doesn’t allow the negative crap or excuses to run his business or dictate his results. “The weather stinks, the economy is in the toilet, the manufactures keep raising prices, the leads we’re getting are all price shoppers and we will never be the cheapest,” and on and on it goes.
Listen, if you own a business and believe that the success of that business is based on those outside, non-controllable circumstances than let me tell you, your company is not getting its fair share. You might be doing well, you might even be doing great, based on your definition of the word, but I can tell you for curtain that there is more opportunity, money or whatever it is you want out there that you’re missing because of this one simple belief.
There are only two types of people in this world. The Can Do People and the Cant Do People. The Can Doers are out there making it happen. While the Cant Doers are out there making excuses as to why they can’t do something. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about business, family life, or spiritual growth, if you believe you “can,” your right! If you believe you “cant,” guess what you’re also right!
We are all given the same amount of opportunity, the same amount of time in the day. How are you spending that time? What are you focused on? Who are your influences? That’s where you’ll find the difference from average and great. There’s no book that will transform you, there’s no get rich quick plan you can just jump on, and it takes some real effort and focus!
But you know what? When you focus on the right things you will put forth the same amount of energy and effort you are now, just in different areas, it doesn’t feel like work. Matter of fact the most successful people I talk to are having fun! They are enjoying the ride. Every day is an opportunity to achieve something even bigger and better and none of them feel like they are working very hard.
If you’re not getting the results you desire, than its time to change up your actions. Stop the cycle and go get-er-done!
If you want better leads, focus 80% of your work day on doing such a great job for people so you can ask them for referrals. Generate your own leads. Join a networking group, get out and meet people that need your products or services. Don’t sit on your thumbs and then bitch about the crappy leads.
If you want to raise your closing rate, focus on your presentation and your answers to common stalls or objections you hear every day. Do you know most sales people don’t even have one answer to the stall: “Your price is too high” or “I need to think about it” or “I can get the same thing cheaper down the road”. Are you kidding me right now? So they don’t have a planned out, rehearsed response to the most basic stalls, yet they sit around the office and complain about all the reasons why the lack of sales is not their fault. WOW!


You want more money, focus on a purpose that will help improve someone else’s life (your clients), chase that purpose with passion and your efforts will lead to a larger pay check. Get the dollar signs out of your eyes.
You want a better marriage or relationship; focus on all the reasons why you love that person. Make it a point to tell them how great it is when they do, whatever, or how much you appreciate them for doing, whatever. Give them some love baby and they will return the love.
Find something you’re passionate about, or used to be passionate about. Focus on that task or that thing relentlessly. Become obsessed with it. Be so focused that other people around you are telling you to “slow down” or you need to “take a break” and then push even harder. See when others around you start telling you those things it means you’re on the right track and you need to keep going, and push forward with even more passion and focus.
I have relied on what I have always called “passion” my entire life to get what I want. I set my goals high and I push very hard, not only myself, but those around me. Recently I was going through a new audio series and the author was talking about this very thing and he made a statement that I didn’t understand. He said: “You know you are on the right track to greatness when your problems change.” That was two weeks ago. Today I know exactly what he was talking about.
Two weeks ago my focus was to pour everything I have into providing the very best, and I mean the highest level of service possible to all my clients. I want my level of service to have such a positive impact on their lives that I can earn referrals and repeat business. I don’t want to run cold leads or appointments that were scheduled by someone other than me.
So my problem two weeks ago was that I was running calls that were less qualified than I desired. My problem now, is that other people around me feel I am communicating too much with my clients…is that even possible? To communicate too much with your clients and to give them too much support? Guess so.
Anyways, I now have a new problem. I have to make sure that other people I work with know that they are appreciated and that their efforts along with mine will only yield more great results. I’m not trying to take anything away from them or do their job for them; I’m trying to serve my clients to the highest level possible!
I never saw this coming, but I now know the author in the audio set was exactly right! I now know that I am on the right path and all I need to do is turn my efforts up a couple more notches, just to see what new problems it will create.
Here’s the deal: As long as you are alive. You will either work to achieve your goals and dreams, or you will work to help achieve someone else’s. It really is a choice so choose wisely and then go out and get it done, or shut up already and get out of the way!


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