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At one of our monthly Boy Scout camping trips that I was reluctant to attend because I really didn’t think I had the time to hang out in the woods for two days.  Not only was I able to spend some great quality time with my son but I was also able to sit back and just observe. What I witnessed was so powerful that it motivated me to grab a note pad, a pen and… we are.

There was a good mix of both youth and Adults from all different backgrounds; Doctors, Lawyers, Business Professionals, Marketing Experts and Sales People by day.

Dad, role model, outdoorsmen by weekend.

As we sat around camp that Saturday afternoon some adults were napping, some were catching up on what they have been working on since the last time they saw each other, and a few were reading books on how to take their team, their career and/or their life to the next level.

Meanwhile the Scouts were off in the wilderness being teenage boys and planning the evenings campfire.

The senior Scouts are in charge of the evening campfire so they discussed their plan for all of about 5 minutes and then went to work on everything they needed to do to ensure their fire would go down as one of the biggest and best in the Troops history.

Understand, they NEVER even considered having a “good” campfire. They only knew what others before them have achieved and that the bar was set pretty high. It was from this point forward there was no questioning of the plan; which was to collect as much wood as humanly possible and to clean, dig out and enlarge the existing fire ring.

There was no debate and there was no being talked out of their goal or taken off task.

They committed 100 percent. They took massive action and they believed in their results (success). They all knew what was going to happen next.

outdoors     outdoors2

Meanwhile some of the more conservative adults verbalized what I’m sure just about every other adult at camp witnessing this were thinking: “Is this going to be too big?” “Will it be safe, etc…”

The senior Scouts could actually “sense” that a power above them could, at this point determine their outcome, so you know what one of the boys did……? He lit that stack of wood and walked away from the fire pit with a sense of “Yeah, we did that!” attitude that instantly DEMANDED everyone’s attention.

The lesson was not revealed until all of these events unfolded as you sat there on a log in complete awe of the magnificent blaze, which was also completely in line with these young men’s original vision and goal.

Every adult in this group was just shown what it takes to get attention, to stand out in a crowd. To achieve bigger results than those that went before them, yet how many of them will still be searching for the “secrets of success” at next month’s campout?

As adults we have been trained and conditioned to think and act in such a limited way and then we search for answers we’ve all had since we were kids.

  • Make up your mind as to what you want.
  • Come up with at least one idea to start as to how you can achieve the goal.
  • Put your nose down and DO THE WORK without questioning. Without looking for a shortcut and without distraction.

Then set a match to it and enjoy the rewards of your efforts! After about 15 or 20 minutes of enjoying the fruits of your labor, figure out what your next challenge is and get after it!

You know what you need to DO, the challenge comes in taking the proper amount of action required and actually DOING it! Most people underestimate the amount of work their goals are realistically going to take.

Stop thinking like an “adult” and get back in touch with the kid inside of you, or your natural instincts. BE SCENE. BE HEARD. BE BOLD. BE COMMITTED. Don’t be partially committed!

Be 16 years old again armed with a pocket knife, a can of axe spray deodorant and a lighter in your hand…..BE ALL IN committed!

To answer the question that some of you may have asked earlier as to which one of the Scouts lit that magnificent blaze? Of course it was my son Zavier:)

I would like to thank Zavier and the rest of the Falcon’s patrol for demonstrating what it takes to achieve huge results in life this weekend. I am so proud of you and only ask that you NEVER lose the determination and the “think big”, ACT BIGGER mentality!

Are you ready to light that kind of fire in your life and business?

Take the action you need to take your life and your business to the next level and DOMINATE!

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  • Ethan October 4, 2016 at 11:59 am

    Great Post! Once you reach the top of the mountain……Keep going….. Build a f$%*ing ladder. #KeepGoing #AchieveTheUnachievable. Make the perceived best, unacceptable to you. Thanks Michael!


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