What’s in it for me?

 This is the question that all your customers are asking themselves every time you are asking them to invest in your product or service. When you aren’t successful at answering this question, you don’t get the sale. It’s that simple.

It is amazing to me how many companies allow the manufacture of a product to come into their office and “train” your staff on how to promote/sell. This is INSANE!! Don’t get me wrong, sales people need to have the knowledge of features and benefits related to their products and services, however too many of them feel this is why a customer writes you a check and signs the order….that is just false!

People don’t care how much you know, until first, they know how much you care.

Success in sales is not about features and benefits; it’s about caring for your clients, connecting with them and solving their problems. Most times your customers don’t even know what their problems are. It is your job to uncover them and show your customer how you and your company are the most qualified to provide solutions.

People don’t buy products & services. They invest in things that will help improve their quality of life. This includes their spouse, their children, their pets and any other loved ones they care about. This helps us understand the whole “price versus value” discussion every sales person has heard.

How many times have you been told your price is too high? How many times have you left an appointment and immediately told yourself, “this person/company has no money…they didn’t buy because they are cheap.” There is no doubt that some people base a large portion of their decision on strictly price, but this is a very small percentage of the people you meet with. We just like to justify why we didn’t lock up the sale and this is an easy crutch to lean on.

If price were the reason why people buy things, why is Yugo not the number 1 car being purchased today? Their products are cheap, they are efficient and they come in the same colors as Toyota and Honda similar models.

BECAUSE PEOPLE DON’T BUY BASED ON PRICE!! If you believe your price is too high, than it is. If you believe that your price is fair, meaning your client will receive more value than he/she is actually paying for AND that you would be willing to pay that same price for the same product/service from your company. Than it wasn’t price that kept your last customer from buying from you…it was you.

On your way home from work today you receive a call from your spouse that says for you to stop at the store and pick up milk for the kids. Personally, I stop at the local convenient store that is on my way home to pick this up. Do I stop here because it’s the best price in town or the highest quality of milk I can purchase for my family? No, I stop here because it is easiest and most convenient for me. I just want to get home to my family!

Too many of us have been taught to ask non-emotional questions or open ended questions, and not focus on getting to know the very people we are promising to serve. We have given the same “pitch” or presentation so many times, we forget that our success isn’t about our presentation, it’s about how well we were able to connect with the client personally.

Be more interested in your clients than you are in selling your clients. If your only focus is to sell the job, product or service, you will never be a great sales person. If you make it your mission to truly help other people achieve their goals and solve their problems, you will get pen to paper more times than not. People need to know and feel that you care about them and their situation.

The only thing your clients care about is them! Their time, their money and about doing what’s best for them and their family, you and your product are at the bottom of that list. W.C. Fields had a saying; he actually had many sayings, but this one I’ll share.

“I may not be the most interesting person, but I am the person I’m most interested about.” W.C. Fields

Take the time to get to know your client. What do they value? What is important to them? Why is that important? What is going to cause them to take action? What are they concerned about? What is it that they are actually trying to accomplish with this purchase? If they could get everything they wanted, what would that thing be?

When you ask good emotional questions, the answers will show you where you need to take your presentation and how to get more yes’s than no’s. Always put people in front of the sale.

Tech Talk…DON’T DO IT!!

People don’t care about this stuff! What do they want and desire? It’s NEVER a product! In my business (HVAC) there are always 3 major goals my clients have.

1.) Higher Efficiency (lower utility bills)

2.) Cleaner Air (less dust)

3.) Improved Comfort (room to room)

Look at the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry. It has gone from a 3 billion dollar business to a 10 billion dollar market in the last 5 years!

People aren’t buying air cleaners, duct cleaning or furnace filters…..but they will spend thousands of dollars to breathe cleaner, healthier air and to have less dust on their furniture.

Cliff Notes

1.) Spend more time focusing on your client than on your product.

2.) Stop thinking it’s about the money.

3.) Don’t jump into your presentation, slow down.

4.) Ask emotional questions that give you a road map to your presentation.

5.) Eliminate industry jargon or Tech talk.

6.) Offer solutions through options

7.) Ask for the order

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