Your Success or Failure is No Accident

Look around you and pay close attention. What you’ll find is that everyone is totally different when you just take a small glance, but we are also very much the same when you look a little deeper.


Identify the most successful HVAC Sales performers from the average HVAC Sales performers. Even though each group is experiencing a gross difference in their earnings and quality of life, what you’ll see is that they are both utilizing the exact same principle to achieve such varying results.


They are all operating within their paradigms. A paradigm is really nothing more than a belief system, or how each of us interprets the information that bombards us each and every day. When we see a person driving down the road in a Bentley, Rolls Royce, Ferrari, or some other high-end exotic vehicle, the first thought that goes through our minds; that little voice inside our head speaks to us. What does it say?


For many of us who grew up without extravagance or without an excess of money that little voice may say something like: “Look at that car….what a waste. Whoever spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on a car must be an arrogant, self-centered jerk.” Or some people will look for an excuse as to why that person is able to drive such an automobile. “Must be nice to be born into money.”


It is very important to recognize that this little voice is actually what is holding so many people back from achieving similar results in their own life. This is their paradigm. This is their “software” that they are firing on and THIS is why they will most likely never be in a position at any point in their life to realistically be able to afford a similar vehicle for themselves.


We are all really nothing more or nothing less than the thoughts we have and the things we believe in. I remember the first time I walked into a mansion of a house to provide the homeowners an HVAC estimate. The house was spectacular and covered what felt like an entire block. After entering the home, I discovered that the homeowners were in their golden years and it was just the two of them occupying all 15,000 square feet of elegance. I still remember what I told myself (in my head). “Even if I had this kind of money, I would never waste it on such a huge house for just two people.


It wasn’t until many years later when I became a student of the power of the human brain that I realized it was these exact thoughts that were going to guarantee that I would never be able to enjoy the opportunity to purchase such a property. Just by believing and speaking to myself like this (negative), I would never experience the level of success required to be remotely qualified to make such a purchase for myself and my family.


I was firing an a very limiting software program and paradigms. What I was actually telling myself is that I would never make decisions such as these because I saw them as wasteful and arrogant. Based on that poor image in my head, my brain would do everything it could to ensure that I never put myself in that position. It was actually trying to protect me. I told it that this thing or that thing was “bad” so my mind did whatever it could to ensure we avoided putting ourselves in that situation all together.


Look at this from more of a “daily” level. When some HVAC Sales people hear news that there are other HVAC Sales people in the HVAC industry hitting ridiculous performance numbers, what they tell themselves is going to dictate where their own performance numbers end up.


Let’s say a HVAC Sales person sold $800,000.00 in total sales revenue last year and then hears of another person doing the exact same job hit performance numbers 2, 3, or even 4 times what they were able to achieve.


Many times they hear of this and immediately look for an excuse or a reason as to why that other person was able to achieve such impressive results. “Well, if my prices were as low as theirs, I could have done that too.” Or, “If our service area was like their service area, my sales would be up there too, but my market and my customers will never invest that kind of money.”


Do you see how this is lining up? It’s the same thing!


The thoughts, or the little voice inside our head is dictating exactly what we will, or what we will not achieve. The truth is that most people will never truly understand this. They may agree with the point, but then continue living their life under the same limited thoughts. They continue to look for the shortcut. They are constantly looking for the grand slam or chasing rainbows, but they never find their pot of gold. Not because the gold is not there, rather because they are so focused on the pretty colors of the rainbow that they never actually see the pot.


In the book, “The Success Principles” the author lays this out really well. He states something to the effect of this: “Rich people believe that they should have their cake and eat it too. Middle Class people believe that cake is too rich, so they will just have a small piece. And poor people believe that they can’t afford cake, so they buy a donut, focus on the hole and wonder why they have nothing.” Change the wording from rich to “successful” or whatever you wish, the point still remains.


Your mindset IS your ONLY limiting factor.


Look at how you approach your next HVAC Sales appointment. What do you tell yourself when you read the name or look up the address? What is going through your head when you arrive and approaching the front door?


Top HVAC Sales performers are focused on all the things they see that proves to them (and their brain) that the person they are about to present to is a very qualified buyer for their products and services. They may look at a vehicle that is older and say something like: “Look at that, their car is probably paid off so they have a few hundred a month available to invest in my products.” Whereas another person with a limited mindset is telling themselves that the person they are about to meet with doesn’t have any money and is probably looking for the cheapest price based on the car that they drive. See the difference?


The thoughts that each of us allow to take place in our head is what will define everything in life. If you believe that the person you are meeting with is not qualified to buy from you or that they are only looking for a cheap option, then your attitude, actions, words and your presentation will lead you and them down that path more often than not. If you believe your marketplace will only support a certain level of HVAC Sales success, then it should be no surprise to anyone why your W-2 reads what it does at the end of the year.


Our thoughts are our destiny, which brings us back to the beginning. Your success or failure is NO accident. We have chosen what we are willing to accept or not accept in our lives. Oh, and rather than say something that is only going to limit your success the next time you see that awesome vehicle or property, ask yourself this instead: “How awesome will my life be when I am driving around in one of those and parking it in a place like this?”


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  • Jay Lyons September 7, 2016 at 2:54 pm

    I am a living testament to Michael’s words of wisdom. I’ve new to the HVAC industry, now going into my third year and having applied this mindset and the training I’ve learned from Success 4 Others I have found myself successful in more than just business. Success 4 Others is not just another training company, they are champions that build champions!

    • Michael Goater September 8, 2016 at 11:12 pm

      Thank you Jay! You’re the one doing the work and taking action, and that my friend is the hardest part. Looking forward to celebrating with you when you break 3 million this year!!


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